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The Satorl Marsh (Japanese: 燐光の地ザトール, Rinkō no ji Zatōru, alternatively Land of Phosphorescent Sator; English dub: /ˈsɑːtɔːrl/) is one of several areas visited by the party in Xenoblade Chronicles. The party must proceed through the marshes, up Bionis' waist and lower back, in order to get to the upper areas of Bionis.

Satorl Marsh is an area with a permanent fog and a resilient fauna. At night, the released ether of the swamp creates a beautiful shimmer. It possesses High Entia and Giant ruins. It does not possess any permanent settlements. Its only inhabitants are a caravan of Nopon traders and Zazadan, another Nopon hermit, who reveals to be a black marketeer.

Satorl is named after High Entia women Soltnar and Khatorl, who are depicted in the massive Sororal Statues that dominate the marsh's entrance to Bionis' Interior.


The party reaches Satorl Marsh, guided by Dickson, as a way to reach the head of Bionis. During the trek through the marsh, they are also with the company of Juju and Otharon. Eventually they reach ruins of High Entia origin. In this point, Dickson leaves the party, although not without pointing the way ahead. Juju and Otharon also leave, to help with the reconstruction of Colony 6.

After the reawakening of the Bionis, a group of fleeing High Entia land near the Sororal Statues, and will stay there for the rest of the game.

Landmarks and Locations

Satorl Marsh DE Map

Map of Satorl Marsh




  1. On a slight cliff SSE of the Nopon Merchant Camp [Electric]
  2. On a cliff E of Poison Swamp and SW of the Altar of Fate [Earth]
  3. At water level N of Soter Ruins and S of Place of Judgement [Water]
  4. In a waterfall SSE of Zaldania Waterfall and N of Poison Swamp [Water]
  5. S-most part of Dark Swamp [Earth]
  6. Sororal Statues - E on the statue after climbing the third set of vines [Electric]

Points of Interest


Normal Minor Enemies

Quest-Exclusive Enemies

Unique Monsters





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