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Save Bionis is a Story Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is received automatically while fighting Yaldabaoth in the Mechonis Core. By using his Energy Replenish art, Yaldabaoth summons three Energy Devices and triggers a vision of Yaldabaoth using Bionis Slash X that triggers Save Bionis. The three Energy Devices must be therefore defeated in order to complete this quest. If the Energy Devices are not destroyed within two minutes, Yaldabaoth will use this Bionis Slash X attack and the party will lose. Once the Energy Devices are destroyed and this quest completed, Yaldabaoth will be Dazed, removing his invincibility aura. The vision tags will break as well, thereby giving all the battle members very high tension.



"You destroyed the Energy Devices and stopped the destruction of Bionis."


  • Despite being triggered at Mechonis Core, this quest is registered amongst the Agniratha Quests.
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