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Primordia region's Segment Map displayed on the Wii U Gamepad

The Segment Map is a tool in Xenoblade Chronicles X associated with the FrontierNav system. In order to efficiently collect information about Mira, the FrontierNav divides each Region of the world map in multiple hexagonal blocks, called Segments. These Segments are displayed on the Segment Map viewed on the Wii U GamePad.

XCX img field03 01

The world map divided into Regions on the Wii U Gamepad

Segment Icon

XCX img field03 02

Installation of a Data Probe

XCX img field03 03

Operational Data Probe

The status of each segment can be instantly determined by displaying a icon in the Segment Map:

  • XCX icon field03 seg 01 A FN Site.
  • XCX icon field03 seg 02 A Data Probe installation place.
  • XCX icon field03 seg 03 The possibility of Fast Travel. The party can be instantly moved to the place where this icon is displayed, directly from the Wii U Gamepad.
  • XCX icon field03 seg 04 A segment where no information has been collected.

The coloring of the segment borders indicates the relative difficulty on the indigens in the area.

Segment Recon

The places where missions are available are indicated, in a simple manner, by a topic mark in their related Segments:

XCX img field03 04

Segment Icons and Topics on the Segment Map

Note that segments may contain multiple Treasure Boxes or Tyrants, whereas only a particular box or Tyrant will qualify for recon. Citizens of New LA or attendants at BLADE Camps may occasionally be overheard with info on a particular segment.

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