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Shiraton is an NPC in Xenoblade Chronicles X. She/he is a Zaruboggan and can be found at West Melville Street in the Commercial District of New Los Angeles. After Stop, Thief!, Shiraton will be near Barista Court.

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In A Dubious Operation, Shiraton is overwhelmed by how much mess there is to devoltanize. Much to his delight, Cross offers to help lessen the workload. He claims that the Zaruboggan are beginning a new initiative concerning the voltant in New Los Angeles. He is aware that it is unnecessary for humans but it is also a source of life for his kind, citing it as the reason for starting the collection service. According to him, his friend is unconscious after attempting to devoltanize a hamburger from a restaurant. As a result of his friend being unable to contribute, he is now responsible for handling more voltant than he can manage. He requests Cross to gather voltant samples from Jeffrey, Graham, and Pfeffen. After gathering the materials, Shiraton is nowhere to be found. Jeffrey runs to the spot to inform Cross that he had been kidnapped. He claimed that he saw him arguing with a suspicious woman. She ended up throwing Shiraton into a trailer and drove out of the city to the east in Primordia. At Seaswept Rise, Shiraton is devoltanizing a huge pile of voltant while Roselle is surveying the area. Upon defeating Roselle in battle, Shiraton is finished with his devoltanization. Seemingly unaware of the situation, he asks Cross to hand over the collected voltant. He is perplexed when told that Cross had come to rescue him from Roselle--he states that he was not kidnapped in the first place and explained that she was kind enough to give him a large supply of voltant. Shiraton and Roselle agree to become business partners for the collection service in the city.

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