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For the shops of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, see Shop (XC2).

Shops are places in Xenoblade Chronicles where items can be bought and sold. They sell a variety of Armour, Weapons and intermediate Art Manuals. All slotted armour sold in shops has one slot.

The sell price listed on armour, weapon, and other item pages is the amount that is received when that item is sold at a shop. The sell price of armour and weapons with empty slots is increased by 20% for each slot; a weapon with 3 slots is worth 60% more than the same weapon with no slots.

Riki's Buy Stuff! skill increases the selling price of all items by 20%. This bonus is received even if he is not in the active party. In the case of slotted weapons and armour, the bonus is 20% of the normal sell price of the slotted item. For example, if a weapon with 3 slots has a sell price of 160 G, Riki's Buy Stuff! skill will raise it to (160x1.2) = 192 G.

When buying items at a shop, the purchase price for items is 10 times the selling price of the identical item. For example, a Nine Top with one slot can be sold for 96 G, but will cost 960 G when purchased at a shop. The purchase price is not affected by Riki's Buy Stuff! skill.

Colony 9

Bionis' Leg

Colony 6

Shop Colony 6 numbered

Locations of shops in Colony 6.

Shops are added to Colony 6 at various stages of reconstruction.

Ether Mine

Satorl Marsh

Makna Forest

Frontier Village

Eryth Sea


Valak Mountain

Sword Valley

Fallen Arm

Mechonis Field


Bionis' Interior

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