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For the shops of Xenoblade Chronicles, see Shop (XC1).

Shops are places in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 where items can be bought and sold. They sell a variety of Pouch items, accessories, equipment, or provide services like exchanges or lodgings.

The sell price listed on their pages is the amount that is received when that item is sold at a shop.

Shop types

Pouch items

XC2-shop-art XC2-shop-book XC2-shop-cosmetic XC2-shop-dessert XC2-shop-drink XC2-shop-game
Art Literature Cosmetics Desserts Drinks Board Games
XC2-shop-instrument XC2-shop-meat XC2-shop-seafood XC2-shop-staple-food XC2-shop-textile XC2-shop-vegetable
Instruments Meats Seafood Staple Foods Textiles Veggies


XC2-shop-accessory XC2-shop-aux-core XC2-shop-chip XC2-shop-cylinder XC2-shop-trophy
Accessories Aux Cores Core Chips Cylinders Other


XC2-shop-exchange XC2-shop-informant XC2-shop-inn
Exchange Information Inn


Goldmouth has the following shops:


Torigoth, Gormott has the following shops:

Garfont Village

Garfont Village, Uraya has the following shops:

Fonsa Myma

Fonsa Myma, Uraya has the following shops:

Alba Cavanich

Alba Cavanich, Mor Ardain has the following shops:

Goetuis Port

Goetuis Port, Indol has the following shops:

Fonsett Village

Fonsett Village, Leftheria has the following shops:


Theosoir, Tantal has the following shops:

Cliffs of Morytha

The following shops are set up at the Cliffs of Morytha Inlet:


The following shops are set up at the Ardainian Garrison:

Land of Challenge (DLC)

The following shop is set up at the Land of Challenge:

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