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The Shop Terminal is an accessible terminal in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It can be found at the eastern end of Armory Alley in the Administrative District of New Los Angeles. This console allows the player to purchase Armor, Weapons, Skell Weapons, and Skells.

Shop Terminal Menu

The Shop Terminal menu offers four options:

  • Ground Gear
  • Skell Gear
  • Skell Frames
  • Sell

Ground Gear

The option allows players to buy armor and weapons. After selecting the option, players can choose which member of their party to buy gear for. Weapons that the party member's class can equip are highlighted with blue text. Gear that the party member cannot equip can still be purchased despite their level and/or class. As Arms Manufacturers are unlocked and leveled up, the selection will increase and the quality of the gear will improve.

Skell Gear

The option allows players to buy Skell Weapons and Skell Armor. It is not possible to buy Skell Gear if the Ares 70 or Ares 90 is the currently selected Skell.

Skell Frames

The option allows players to buy Skells. Level 30 and level 50 frames are available here. Skells cannot be purchased until the player has earned the Skell License.


The option allows players to sell items.

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