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The Skell Fuel gauge

Skell Fuel is a Skell mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicles X, represented by a gauge. Skells need this fuel to function and consume it while flying, or by engaging in battle and using Skell Arts. The Skell Fuel gauge recovers slowly when Skells are inactive, including when the game is inactive, at the rate of approximately one unit of fuel every three seconds. Fuel costs are reduced to 0 during Overdrive.

Skells can be refueled more quickly in New Los Angeles using Miranium, at the rate of 5,000 Miranium for 3,000 Fuel. This is a flat rate that cannot be manually adjusted. The game will always use 5,000 Miranium and get a maximum of 3,000 Fuel, even if less than that is needed to top off the Skell. Some weather conditions also provide buffs that can cause the Skell to refuel even when in use. Destroying an enemy appendage while in a Skell instantly restores 300 Fuel. Certain augments further affect fuel use and recovery:

The Aura Art Overclock also increases recovery of the character's registered Skell while it is active.


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