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For the status in Xenoblade Chronicles X, see Sleep (XCX).

A sleeping Coppice Quadwing

Sleep is a debuff in Xenoblade Chronicles.


Sleep makes the target unable to move, attack or use any arts. Attacking a sleeping target results in a guaranteed critical hit at the cost of waking it up. Sleep will otherwise last its whole duration. Sleeping party members can be woken up. Doing so will boost the Affinity between the two characters.

When fighting multiple enemies, Sleep can be used to ease the fight by putting one or more enemies to sleep while focusing on defeating the non-sleeping ones. AI controlled Sharla and Melia are capable of doing that. Note that using area of effect arts while nearby can potentially wake up them up again.

When inflicted on an enemy in the middle of a Vision, Sleep, like Daze, will postpone the vision until the target recovers. In addition, the vision will change to a different art. When seeing a vision with a lethal art, inflicting sleep can change it to a less dangerous art.

Sleep can possibly also break the casting of an enemy's ability or spell. Note that sleeping will not deplete the enemy's ability gauge, meaning they can use the ability again after waking up. If the enemy is put to sleep just as the animation of its ability starts, the ability gauge will deplete.



  • Bedtime (Riki) — Inflicts Sleep within a circle around Riki, including Riki himself.
  • Hypnotise (Melia) — Inflicts Sleep on a single target.
  • Shutdown (Fiora) — Inflicts physical damage and Sleep, and clears buffs and debuffs if the enemy is a Mechon.
  • Tranquiliser (Sharla) — Inflicts Sleep on a single target.



Enemies (by Art Name)

Aqua Whip

Ether Fascination

Funky Dance

Genome Break

Hypnotic Light



Pipe Down!

Purging Antibody VI


Sleep Spin

Sleep Water

Sleepy Bubble

Counter Spike

Topple Spike

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