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Soltnar Seal Island is a landmark in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is located at Eryth Sea, one of the two Sister Seal hovering islands. It can only be reached through the teleporter from Hovering Reef 8, however is a jump point itself. Located here is one of the two buttons required to open the teleporter from Central Seal Island to Prison Island. The other button is located on Khatorl Seal Island.

It is guarded mostly by Kromars, which stand watch on the bridge to the main structure and patrol the area. 

The Subterranean Zomar is found here, guarding the bridge with a Flutes Kromar and a Maleza Kromar.

Soltnar and Khatorl are the names of two High Entia women, also depicted in the Sororal Statues of Satorl Marsh.


Future Connected

XC Definitive Edition
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Soltnar Seal Island is a landmark in Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected. It is located in Bionis' Shoulder.


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