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'Itle Blast to Advanced Lens (XCX)
Advanced New Game to An Oasis for All
An Obstacle in Our Path to Armour Recognition/Melia
Armour Recognition/Reyn to Azure Dragon Storm
Azure Driver to Berserk Ring
Berserk Vigent to Blowdown Resist III
Blowdown Resist IV to Buff Time Plus
Buff Time Plus I to Celliara
Celsars Taos to Chronos Cap
Chronos Gloves to Combat Longsword
Combat Manus L to Crush: Gain TP
Crush Ring to Defeat Wiggins
Defective Ipos to Dogmatic Gogol
Dokkdokk Trading to Electra's Strategy
Electric-Flood to Ether IV Arms
Ether IV Boosters to Fabel Bufa
Fable Rock to Flames of Justice
Flamii to Frye's Armwear R
Frye's Bodywear to Giotto
Giraffin, the Old Hand to Great Pillar Passage
Great Sky Tree to Haste
Haste (buff) to Hot Nopon
Hot Orange to Innocent Volff
Innovation Inspiration to Junks Shop 1
Junks Shop 2 to Large Hoof (XC1)
Large Hoof (XCX) to Liliana's Sincere Request
Lilting Lilies to M53/THANK
M54 Armoured Unit to Marnuck Support
Marnuck Transitioner to Merciful Scirpo
Merciless Twister to Monado Rudra
Monado Saga to Nano-Metal Gauntlet
Nano Orange QTpi to Noranlily
Norara to Original Bangbangs
Original Bolide to Pfeffen
Phaedlico to Power III Goggles L
Power II Arms to Puri Leaf Contract
Puri Leaf Dumplings to Reclamation
Recluse Adsecula to Rest Spot
Rest in Peace to Rynea
Rynea's Charm to Sealed Chamber
Sealed Core Crystal to Shoulder to Shoulder IV
Shoulder to Shoulder V to Sniper
Sniper Barrel to Spine-O-Corrector
Spinel Chip to Striker Radius II
Striker Rapture to Tacitus Urchin
Tacitus Urchon to The Duel (Part IV)
The Elite Captain's Anguish to Tirkin Totem
Tirkin Turf to True Natures
True Plastron to Universal Beat
Universe Flicker to Victory Loquat
Victory Rock to Watxes Series
Wavelet Stone to Wrath of the Keepers
Wrathful Orobas to 亡KEI却KOKU心
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