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'Itle Blast to Adwen
Aegaeon to Ancient King's Portrait
Ancient King's Tiara to Arrodh
Arrogant Behemoth to BLADE Trooper (Primordia)
BLADE Trooper (Sylvalum) to Billiard Contract
Binary Star to Bone-Pearl Lizard
Bone Corridor to Buzzing Buillabaisse
By 7th Perim. Skyport to Ceto
Ceto A to Cloak.SIGHT
Cloak.SOUND to Cook-Off Final Blow?!
Cook-Off Showdown! to Damage.GP-GAIN
Damage (XC1) to Destabilizer
Destined Encounter to Drux Tirkin
Dry Lemon to Enemies Closing In
Enemy to FILE-M0601SS
FILE-M0602SS to Field Ardun
Field Armu to Forza Raim
Forza Ryg to General's Cap
General's Gauntlets to Gormotti-Ear Headband
Gormotti Firewood to Hacked Locations
Hackers to Hilal Meadow
Hilal Stronghold to Indoline Murals
Indoline Praetorium to Jim
Jin to Lake Flamii
Lake Magdalena to Light Armour/Torso
Light Bat to M-Laser
M-MODY-DEF2 to Marnuck Grappler
Marnuck Guardian to Mend the Plant
Menda to Monado Abyss
Monado Activated (Aura) to Nalu
Nalu's Present to Norgam Igna
Norgan Igna to Original Thwipper
Original Trigger to Phog Christoph
Phonex to Prankish Mephite
Prankster Mephite to Quality Fuse (XC1)
Quality Fuse (XCX) to Refined Horn (XCX)
Refined Part L to Rial Laughcaf Flan
Riannon to Sakura Heavy (Male)
Sakura Light (Female) to Selenium Fal-swo
Selenium Oc-serv to Singing Brogs
Singing Maiden Statue to Soothsayer Gerald
Sophonea to Steamflake Contract
Steamflake Tabbouleh to Suppressor Knight Qmoeva (story)
Suppressor Queen Qmoeva to Telethia Feather
Telethia Galdo to The Unbreakable Sword
The Unearthed Xe-dom to Tottet Trading
Touch-Me-Not to Ultra Infinite Yii
Ultra Infinite Yimsel to Valor Veyes
Valor Visor to Wall Igna
Wall Power Control Room to Wind Def Up
Wind Def Up I to Zanza Guardian (second summoning)
Zanza Guardian (third summoning) to 亡KEI却KOKU心
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