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Stuffed Lobster is an Important Item in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They can be found around New Los Angeles during Rise of the Blood Lobster, 99 of them must be recovered to complete this mission.


The initial lobster, which initiates the mission and does not count towards the collected total, can be found beside the Outfitters Test Hangar, left of the entrance.

First Batch

The first 48 lobsters can be found in any order once the mission has been triggered.

  1. At the top of the left stairs behind the BLADE Concourse.
  2. On the overhang over Armory Alley.
  3. Atop the Integrated Production Plant.
  4. In a house in Ishmael Hills.

Second Batch

With the exception of the 49th, 98th, and 99th lobsters, these lobsters can also be found in any order.

  1. At the south end of West Melville Street. Collecting this lobster triggers a cutscene that releases the following 47 lobsters.
  1. In the back of the Mediators section of Division Drive. Definian Downfall must be completed in order to unlock this lobster.
  2. Collected from Justin on East Melville Street after collecting all other lobsters. Unlike the other lobsters, the Follow Ball will lead the party to its location.
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