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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Avalanche Abaasy, the strongest enemy in Xenoblade Chronicles

Superboss is the unofficial term used on this wiki to designate the most challenging enemies in the Xenoblade Chronicles series. Superbosses are Unique Monsters or Tyrants but not Bosses, time-limited, or extra content enemies that appear at or above the player level cap.

Xenoblade Chronicles

Xenoblade Chronicles has five Superbosses, all of them are Unique Monsters above level 99. With the exception of Final Marcus, these Unique Monsters will always be red-tagged regardless of the party's level. The red tags augment the Unique Monsters' agility, damage resistance, and damage dealt to targets. These level 100+ Unique Monsters also have several special abilities. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Resistance to Aura Seal, etc.
  • Damage resistance
  • Topple counter mechanism, such as topple damage spike or topple time reduced
  • Immunity to Daze, Sleep, Arts Seal, Strength Down, etc.
  • Unusually high attack power (however, physical art power multipliers are generally lower than normal)
  • Extremely strong damage/debuff spike
  • Level X (10) talent arts
  • Unleashes Crazed or Awakening Aura, or both when HP is low

These Unique Monsters appear after the events of Mechonis Core or during Chapter 17 in Definitive Edition, except for Final Marcus, which appears starting on the first visit of Valak Mountain. All of the Superbosses in Xenoblade Chronicles can drop any part of the Glory Armour set; they also all drop the rare material Veritas Glyph, needed for a Love Source.


  1. Final Marcus can be found at level 100 at Three Sage Summit only at night in Valak Mountain. It deals close range spike damage and can double attack very frequently. It is the only Superboss who can be afflicted with Daze.
  2. Ancient Daedala can be found at level 105 to the east of the Wreckage Beach landmark on the Fallen Arm. It can detect targets at a very long range in all angles. It fires a powerful laser at the party on sight. It deals Ranged Spike damage. It is also the only source of Heat Sink Cylinders and level 5 Night Vision Cylinders. Of the five Superbosses, it is the only Mechon.
  3. Despotic Arsene can be found at level 108 north of the Glowing Obelisk landmark in Satorl Marsh. It can continually cast Haste on itself to increase its auto-attack speed. It is the only source of Critical Up crystals.
  4. Blizzard Belgazas can be found at level 114 at the very end of Valak Mountain, at the Great Glacier, which is east of the Bionis' Wrist landmark. It has a large Topple damage spike. In addition, many of its arts receive massive buffs during a blizzard. It is the only source of AP Up and Talent Boost crystals.
  5. Avalanche Abaasy can be found at level 120 in Three Sage Summit in Valak Mountain at night during a blizzard. It has an Instant Death counter Spike and can frequently double attack. It is the only source of level 5 Daze Up crystals.


Xenoblade Chronicles X

In Xenoblade Chronicles X, there are nine Tyrants defined here as Superbosses in the game. Although no Tyrant's level exceeds level 99, and there are many enemies with levels above the cap, these Tyrants are well above the max level cap of 60 and are characterized by the use of the track "CR17S19S8" or "raTEoREkiSImeAra" as their battle theme, an absence prior to completing Chapter 12, or both.


  1. Gradivus, the Headless Emperor can be found at level 71 on the North Coast in Oblivia after completing Chapter 12. It is the only source of Reflect.ADD-PHYS and Reflect.ADD-THERM augments. It is the only enemy in the game to have more than 100 million HP.
  2. Dadaan, the Strongest Prone can be found at level 77 at Scabland Fortress next to FN Site 307 in Oblivia, accompanied by The Dadaan Girls, after completing Chapter 12. Dadaan has the ability to instantly destroy all Skells being piloted by the party if the player uses them during the battle for more than 10 seconds. He will also enter invincibility periods while summoning Dadaan Squad Members. Battles with Dadaan feature the track "CR17S19S8".
  3. Leva'el, the Terminus can be found at level 82 in the western Cauldros Waters after completing Chapter 12. It is the only source of Reflect.ADD-BEAM and Reflect.ADD-ELEC augments. Leva'el has the ability to initiate a countdown that, if not stopped, can inflict Instant Death on the party.
  4. Lugalbanda, the Wanderer-King can be found at level 88 at the Vitriol Cesspool in Noctilum after completing Chapter 12. This location is inaccessible to Skells, so Lugalbanda must be fought on foot. It can summon Stray Ovis for assistance by using an Art called "Lunchtime". Battles with Lugalbanda feature the track "CR17S19S8".
  5. Vortice, the Deific Blast can be found at level 94 above the caldera of Mount M'gando in Cauldros during brimstone rain weather. Vortice can be fought before Chapter 12, unlike most Superbosses. Battles with Vortice feature the track "CR17S19S8". It is the only Superboss that is the target of an eponymous Basic Mission.
  6. Nahum, the Red Hare and Nardacyon, the Shadowless can be found atop a flat-topped rock formation near Primordia's Bedrock Hold after completing Chapter 12. They are level 66 and 96, respectively. It can be noted that although it is possible to defeat Nahum, the party is not intended to do so as she enters her Skell Nardacyon after she has less than 25% of her health remaining. Nahum does not have an entry in the Enemy Index, nor does she drop any items if defeated. Battles with Nahum and Nardacyon feature the track "CR17S19S8".
  7. Pharsis, the Everqueen can be found at level 97 hanging from the ceiling in the Noctilucent Sphere Interior in Sylvalum. It is the only source of Reflect.ADD-GRAV augments. It is the only Yggralith that can be fought outside of Squad Missions. Pharsis can be fought before Chapter 12, unlike most Superbosses. Battles with Pharsis feature the track "CR17S19S8".
  8. Telethia, the Endbringer can be found at level 99 above the Divine Roost in Noctilum. It has the highest level of any enemy in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is the only source of Reflect.ADD-ETHER augments. Telethia, the Endbringer also has its own battle theme, that being the second section of "raTEoREkiSImeAra". The battle with Telethia, the Endbringer begins in the air, but it will descend onto the ground when it has less than 60% of its HP. It will later return to the sky if the battle lasts long enough. If it is in the middle of descending or ascending, it is immune to all attacks. During the third phase, Telethia is able to use Soul Read, which allows it to evade all attacks for a period of time. Telethia can be fought before Chapter 12, unlike most Superbosses. The connection between this Telethia and the ones in Xenoblade Chronicles is unknown.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2

In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, eight Unique Monsters are over level 99. All Superbosses except Gladiator Orion and Tyrannotitan Kurodil only appear during the final chapter after entering the First Low Orbit Station. Level 100 normal minor enemies that may be summoned by them, such as Ground Caterpiles summoned by Reeking Douglas, are not considered Superbosses, and neither are the enemies found in Challenge Battle Mode. The Nameless Sentinel is not considered a Superboss; while it is over level 99, it is a de facto quest-exclusive Boss that does not respawn after being defeated.


  1. Gladiator Orion can be found at level 100 at the Hallowed Godswood Shrine, near Way of the Practitioner on the Cliffs of Morytha. Unlike most of the others, he can be battled when the party first reaches the area. Unlike the seven other Superbosses in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, he is the only humanoid (an Urayan) represented.
  2. Reeking Douglas can be found at level 104 in the Brigands' Hideout on the right upper level of Gormott Province.
  3. Pernicious Benf can be found at level 109 at the Aegishammer on Temperantia. It is the only monster to drop Shining Star Core Chips.
  4. Cloud Sea King Ken can be found at level 110 near the Central Ether Boulder in the Kingdom of Tantal, but only when it is foggy. It is the only monster to drop Moon Matter Chips. There is an upgraded version in the Challenge Battle Cloud King's Revenge that is level 140, but it does not drop Moon Matter Chips.
  5. Mk. VII Arek can be found at level 114 on Lv. 4, Megrez in the World Tree. It is the only monster to drop Sunlight Chips.
  6. Artifice Ophion can be found at level 117 at the Gotrock Oracle Ruins on the Cliffs of Morytha. Defeating it grants the player Ophion's Data Terminal, which allows access to a Treasure Trove in the World Tree that is the only source of Dilaton Chips outside of Challenge Battle Mode.
  7. Chickenheart Dagmara can be found at level 120 at the Old Factory in the Empire of Mor Ardain. It is the only monster to drop Preon Chips. After defeating it, it can be fought in the Challenge Battle Chickenheart Challenge, which has some differences.
  8. Tyrannotitan Kurodil can be found at level 130 in the Profaned Place in Temperantia. It is the only monster to drop Tachyon Chips. Like Gladiator Orion, it can be battled when the party first reaches the area, provided the party has the required field skills.



Torna ~ The Golden Country

In Torna ~ The Golden Country, there is only one Superboss. After its location is purchased from the Nopon Halfsage for 700,000 G, the strongest of the Golden Monsters, Hurricane Anise, can be found at level 100 at the Pedestal of Stargazing.