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The Supply Convoy Shop is a shop in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is the lone shop in Sword Valley, located at the Supply Convoy. It is manned by a male Homs soldier. It specialises in anti-Mechon weapons, which do not require Topple or Monado Enchant to damage Mechon. Countering this benefit is the low base attack of these weapons as compared to other weapons available at this point in the game. Once the party reaches the end of Mechonis Field, this shop will be permanently inaccessible, as well as some items sold therein that cannot be obtained via alternate means.


Item Slots Price
Anti-Mechon Rod 1 24,600 G
Anti-Mechon Biter 1 25,800 G
Anti-Mechon Striker 1 26,880 G
Anti-Mechon Sniper 1 27,600 G
Anti-Mechon Driver 1 27,720 G


Item Slots Price
Brave Cap 1 12,000 G
Amethyst Gear 0 12,000 G
Aid Cap Unique 22,320 G


Item Slots Price
Amethyst Armour 0 24,000 G
Heavy Armour 0 34,800 G
Infantry Attire Unique 36,000 G


Item Slots Price
Brave Gloves 1 9,240 G
Amethyst Gauntlets 0 9,600 G
Heavy Gauntlets 0 14,000 G


Item Slots Price
Amethyst Leggings 0 19,200 G
Heavy Leggings 0 27,800 G
Engineer Belt Unique 33,600 G


Item Slots Price
Brave Shoes 1 13,920 G
Amethyst Boots 0 14,400 G
Heavy Boots 0 21,000 G

Arts Manuals

Item Who Price
Healing Gift Melia 12,200 G
Thunder Dunban 12,400 G
Soaring Tempest Dunban 13,700 G
Reflection Melia 13,700 G
Anchor Chain Reyn 14,700 G
Lariat Reyn 15,400 G
Mind Blast Melia 15,600 G


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