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Suriella is a NPC in Xenoblade Chronicles X. She is a member of the Mediators, and can be found at any time of day or night, but her location changes several times during the game.

She is initially found near the BLADE Barracks, along the road leading to the East Gate.

Later in the game, if she has been spoken to near the Barracks, she moves to Central Melville Street, half a block east of Barista Court.

After Chapter 5, if she has been spoken to on Central Melville Street, she moves to the small park east of Ishmael Hills and southeast of the Cathedral.


During the final dialogues in Attack on Biahno Hills, Suriella is revealed to have died shortly after the White Whale landed on Mira. Shortly afterwards, the Definian HT665: Erio disguised herself as Suriella to infiltrate New Los Angeles as a Ganglion spy. However, the Definian begins to consider defecting from the Ganglion. After the party defeats her partner, she is taken into custody by Lara Nara.

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