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Suspicious Minds is Mia's second Heart-to-Heart in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It occurs late at night in the Commercial District, one block south of West Melville Street, behind the piles of construction supplies.


"Shhhh! I'm trying to think here! Don't interrupt."
"Now, how exactly am I supposed to get in and out of Sakuraba Industries without being detected? Hmmm…"
"Night security seems pretty airtight, so I may need to go during the day. Maybe I can pretend to be part of the cleaning crew? I just need a mop…"
"H-huh? Chief! Is that you?!"
"I was just…thinking out loud. Yeah, that's the ticket. More meaningless blabber from good ol' Mia!"
First prompt
Chastise: "Scold Mia, then stop her before she commits a crime."
"I've had just about enough of your scheming, Chief!"
"You just want me out of the way so you can steal this mission for yourself!"
"Normally I'm happy to share pretty much whatever, but I'm not giving you this one. I took the mission, and I'm gonna be the one to finish it."
"So quit bugging me, you…you…you bugger!"
Deny: "Pretend that you didn't hear anything."
"That's a lie, Chief! A dirty, dirty lie! I KNOW you heard all my secret thoughts that I was sitting here speaking out loud."
"Pretty funny coincidence how you always happen to be right over my shoulder during key parts of this job, hmmm? Hmmmmmmmm?"
"Oh, you heard me all right. You waited until you had everything you needed and THEN you decided to reveal yourself! Pretty sneaky-sneaky, Chief."
"But I'm not gonna let you steal this mission from me. I took it, and I'm gonna be the one to finish it."
"So stop trying to thief all my business!"
Second prompt
Inquire Calmly: "Ask Mia if there is anything you can do to help."
"Hmm… Help from ol' Chief herself? I suppose that IS tempting."
"I mean, this IS a tough job, and there ARE some things I could use some help with…"
"But nope! I've gotta do 'em myself."
"It's scary doing it alone, but also less risky."
"So if you really want to help, just give me your full trust and support. Okay, Chief? That's all I want."
"Now I need to work out plans B, C, and D, so you'll have to excuse me."
"We'll talk again once all this is over."
Act Boldly: "Knock Mia out to stop her from committing a crime."
"Stop! You stop right there, buddy/missy!" (Whether Cross is male/female.)
"I know that look in your eyes! You were… You were going to MURDER me!"
"Over my dead body will you murder me, Chief! Ummm… I mean… You go to hell!"
"…Huh? You were just going to knock me out? Well that's exactly as bad! All my hard work and planning and junk would have been for nothing!"
"And then all of humanity would pay the price for your foolish foolishness."
"Look, Chief, you just have to trust Mia on this one."
"I'm gonna go in, take what I need, and get right back out again without committing even a single crime."
"Anyway, I need to work out the details of my boldly awesome plan, so you'll have to excuse me."
"We'll talk again once all this is over."
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