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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

This area becomes inaccessible after the end of Mechonis Field is reached.

The Sword Valley (大剣の渓谷, Daiken no keikoku lit. Large Sword Valley/Canyon) is an area in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is where the sword of Mechonis meets Bionis. Egil used it to drain away Bionis' ether, which then is converted into a weapon capable of dissolving organic beings. This is where Galahad Fortress, the stronghold of the Mechon, is located.


Prologue of Xenoblade Chronicles

During the prologue of Xenoblade Chronicles, the Battle of Sword Valley, the Homs were fighting the Mechon to ensure that the Mechon did not reach Bionis. Just as they were about to lose, Dunban saved the day with the Monado, as he fought alongisde Dickson and Mumkhar. Mumkhar deserted the others, planning to collect the Monado at the end of the battle, but he was assumed to be killed by the Mechon. Dickson and Dunban won the fight but Dunban lost the ability to use his right arm.

Return to Sword Valley

When Shulk and the others reach Sword Valley, Dickson is waiting and the party tells him what has happened. He then leaves with Alvis. The third through sixth gates are locked and can be optionally opened to proceed. There are a few story quests that give a lot of EXP, so it is advised to do them.

Before the party reaches the entrance to Galahad Fortress, Metal Face is fought for the last time.

The Second War

Once Jade Face is defeated at Mechonis Field, the allied forces of Bionis attack, and this area as well as the Galahad Fortress become inaccessible.

The forces of the High Entia, Nopon, and Homs, led by Kallian, Chief Dunga, Otharon, and Dickson fight along the sword. When Mechonis awakens, the allied forces retreat.

Landmarks and Locations


A map of Sword Valley




  1. Supply Convoy [Earth]
  2. SSE of Ged Fortress [Electric]
  3. Upper floor of Dolgan Outpost [Wind]
  4. NNE of Dolgan Outpost and NNW of 5th Gate [Fire]
  5. On a catwalk NNW of Ether Storage Area and S of 3rd Gate [Fire]
  6. Upper floor of Enalda Control Base [Electric]
  7. Port Maintenance Bay [Wind]

Enemies of the Battle of Sword Valley (Prologue)

Story Exclusive Enemies



Normal Minor Enemies

Quest Exclusive Enemy

Story Exclusive Enemy

Unique Monsters



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In Project X Zone 2

The Sword Valley is the area of the Chapter 29: The True Dragon Fist in Project X Zone 2.


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