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Taurus Plates are heavy torso armour in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are based off of old Machina gear. They can be dropped by the Wrathful Orobas.


For other armour pieces with the same appearance, see Armour Recognition.
Shulk Reyn Fiora Dunban
Pc015802 Pc025802 Cannot Wear Pc045802
Sharla Riki Melia
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After completing Mechonis Core:

Enemy drops

Note: Enemies marked as QE are Quest-Exclusive and do not respawn.

Zero slots

Enemy Area Rate
Venerable FocalorCentral Factory9.9 %
Wrathful OrobasAgniratha8.6 %
Mass-Produced Face (Agniratha)Agniratha7 %
M87/GRANDAgniratha6.1 %
M96 Crisis Unit (QE)Central Factory6.1 %
M97 Commander (QE)Central Factory6.1 %
M88 Watchtower (QE)Central Factory6 %
Magestic MordredCentral Factory6 %
Sinful LamorakCentral Factory6 %
M96/AWAKECentral Factory4.3 %
M108/SPADECentral Factory4.2 %
M88/WORSTCentral Factory3.9 %
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