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Temperantia (Japanese: テンぺランティアTenperantia) is a Titan in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It serves as a demilitarized zone between the Kingdom of Uraya and the Empire of Mor Ardain. Both nations have armed garrisons stationed there, and the Ardainians have been carrying out excavations of a Judicium weapon in the area. This area is hostile and houses two Superbosses, Pernicious Benf and Tyrannotitan Kurodil.

It is a barren, manta ray-like Titan, its entire landscape is extensively scarred and blackened and its waters severely poisoned and colored purple, but Temperantia still supports a wide variety of animal life and even some hardy plant life. The ancestors of the Indoline people originally lived in Temperantia at Judicium, but this civilization is ruined and completely abandoned.


The story never specifically details when or why Temperantia was disfigured and depopulated. During the events of the Aegis War, Quaestor Amalthus characterizes Judicium as Indoline "forebears", possibly implying that the Praetorium grew out of or split apart from Judicum. When Akhos discovers the Judicium Titan weapon, Malos himself states that Judicium was wiped out during the Aegis War, and Mythra confirms that some battles of the Aegis War took place on Temperantia. The Titan contains many craters such as the Aegishammer, which look to be created by Siren's particle cannon. It isn't known if the Temperantian Titan always rested on the Cloud Sea or if it was one of the Titans that fell in the Aegis War, and is dead on the surface.

Temperantia eventually becomes a demilitarized zone between the Empire of Mor Ardain and the Kingdom of Uraya. Mor Ardain covertly begins excavating ancient Judicium Titan Weapons; when Torna learns of this, Jin hijacks the Titan Weapon to buy them some time. Jin uses the Titan Weapon to fire onto Urayan forces, making it seem that Mor Ardain has declared war.

Mòrag and the rest of the party deduce that Torna is behind the attack, and they all travel to Temperantia to stop the Titan Weapon from advancing. With the help of Fan la Norne, the party is able to deactivate the Titan Weapon's core; however, Jin challenges the group and kills Fan la Norne before retreating. Uraya prepares to retaliate against Mor Ardain, but the Indoline Praetorium intervenes and prevents war from breaking out.

The nations of Alrest quickly organize a Ruler's Congress in Indol, where Queen Raqura is told that Torna was behind the attack, not Mor Ardain. In the Heart-to-Heart "Reconciliation," it is revealed that following these events, Mor Ardain agreed to stop military operations on Temperantia and gave the Uraya extra surveying rights in the region.

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Secret Area

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The following shops are set up at the Ardainian Garrison:

Name Type Proprietor Wares Requirements
Dokkdokk Trading
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Temperantia is the Latin word for (religious) temperance, asceticism. The name thus alludes to one of the Cardinal virtues and the seven heavenly virtues, and the opposite to Gula, or gluttony, one of the seven deadly sins and the namesake of Gormott.