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The Final Menace is a Global Nemesis mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is a mission to defeat Yggralith Zero, and can be received fom the Squad Missions menu at the Network Console in the BLADE Barracks. The mission is unlocked when the Conquest Progress meter on the Squad Select screen is full, and remains available for 7 days or until Yggralith Zero has been defeated. To accept the mission, the player must use a BLADE Medal.

The battle takes place atop the Kw'arah Villa in Cauldros. Yggralith Zero may summon one or two large level 50 Filiavents during the battle.

Resurrection Points

When the mission becomes available, Yggralith Zero begins with a very large number of Resurrection Points, or RP. Every time a player reduces Yggralith Zero's HP to zero, its RP is reduced by one and its HP is fully restored. The mission continues until time runs out or until the enemy's HP and RP are both reduced to zero.

At the end of the mission, the results are reported back to the game's server, which tracks the enemy's remaining RP and relays it to all the players in the world. Yggralith Zero begins with several million RP, so defeating it requires the combined effort of thousands of players around the world, each player stealing a small portion of its RP. Yggralith Zero will flee if it is not defeated within seven days.

Appraisal and Guaranteed Rewards

After each attempt at this mission, the amount by which the player has reduced Yggralith Zero's RP is added to the player's Current Appraisal score. This cumulative total will be doubled if Yggralith Zero is defeated. The final adjusted value determines the number of Guaranteed Rewards that the player will receive:

Appraisal Guaranteed Rewards
1 1 Noble Yggralith Scale
5 2 Noble Yggralith Scales
10 5 Noble Yggralith Scales
20 10 Noble Yggralith Scales

These rewards are received after the boss flees or is defeated. The rewards are cumulative. For example, at an appraisal of 10 the number of Noble Yggralith Scales received will be 1+2+5 = 8.

Appendage Fragments

In addition to a Holofigure and some very rare materials, the player will receive Appendage Fragments from the appendages broken during the mission. These can be sold for Credits via the Inventory menu; sold for Reward Tickets via the Global Nemesis Battle Spoils menu at the Network Console; or kept until the Nemesis flees or is defeated, at which time they will be converted to valuable materials or Reward Tickets.

If the Nemesis was defeated, all the Appendage Fragments of a randomly chosen type—for example, Destroyer's Torso—will be converted to extremely rare materials. If the Nemesis flees, no fragments are converted. In both cases all remaining Appendage Fragments are exchanged for Reward Tickets at a rate of one ticket per fragment. This is much lower than number of tickets that can be received for them while the mission remains available, so it can be advantageous to sell all fragments if it appears that the Nemesis will not be defeated in time.

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