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The Membership is a Normal Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is a request from May May and the primary destination is the Ma-non Ship. This mission marks the beginning of Cross' bronze membership of the Miranium exchange financial group Shimmer & Savvy. Although it is not required, the Basic Mission Miranium for Fun and Profit can be used to locate this mission.


  1. "Use FrontierNav to locate five pieces of arc sand ore."
  2. "Talk to May May in the starboard side of the Ma-non ship."


"You delivered the arc sand ore to May May and became a bronze member of Shimmer & Savvy."


This is part of a series of missions to obtain and upgrade a membership in May May's "Shimmer & Savvy" financial group. With each membership level, the Miranium Exchange basic mission is replaced by a new version offering more credits for the same amount of Miranium. The most recently unlocked Miranium Exchange is repeatable.

Membership level Miranium Exchange Prerequisites
none Miranium Exchange (10K credits) Chapter 5
The Membership Miranium Exchange (20K credits) Chapter 6, Planetary Pioneer (Part III)
The Silver Membership Miranium Exchange (50K credits) Chapter 6, Mira survey 40%
The Gold Membership Miranium Exchange (75K credits) Chapter 9, Mira survey 50%
The Platinum Membership Miranium Exchange (100K credits) Chapter 12, Mira survey 60%
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