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The Riddle on the Wall is a quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It can be received from Erebos next to the wall painting in southwest Torigoth, by either translating the mural while he is present or speaking to him if it has already been translated. Completion of both Mysterious Note and Chapter 6 of the main story are prerequisites for this quest.


  1. "Go to the location written on the mural and get your hands on the treasure."
  2. "You obtained a mysterious part. Report back to Erebos."
  3. "Find the remaining four parts, which are hidden all over Alrest, then report back to Erebos."


"The mural led you to six parts. But where is the ancient treasure they're supposed to be used with?"


  • The Version 1.2.0 patch adjusts the quest to make it completable regardless of player progression in the main story.