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For the item, see Skell License.

The Skell License is a Normal Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It can be received from Vandham in the BLADE Barracks upon completion of Chapter 6. The party must pass each Division's Proficiency Exam, each of which rewards the player with one of the eight required Skell License Certificates. After completing this mission, the party obtains Skell Licenses, which permits them to buy and use Skells. The party also receives their first Skell, a US0220 Urban ST.


  1. "Pass each of the eight division's exams and obtain the eight Skell license certificates."
    • See below for more details
  2. "Talk to Walter in the hangar in the administrative district."
  3. "Head to the hangar in the administrative district and pilot a Skell."


"You obtained your Skell License, and also learned more about each division in the process."

Proficiency Exams

Each proficiency exam reflects the goals of a particular Division, which is noted in parentheses. All eight exams must be completed, regardless of Cross's affiliation.

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