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The Ties That Bind is an Affinity Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It can be accepted at East Melville Street in the Commercial District.


  1. "Head to the Dodonga Caravan at Noctilum's Whale's Nostril."
  2. "Talk to Koko at Noctilum's Whale's Nostril."
  3. "Search for Tatsu's father's glasses on the shore south of Primordia's Biahno Lake."
  4. "Retrieve Tatsu's father's glasses from Primordia's Headwater Cavern."
    • The Bizarre Insidia guards the place where the glasses are. Fighting it is not required.
  5. "Talk to Koko at the Dodonga Caravan in Noctilum's Whale's Nostril."


"After Tatsu found his father's sunglasses, Koko finally had to acknowledge that her son was no longer a child."

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