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"No. Quegga is not here to see. Dancing will bring only emptiness. Pain."
— Thea Pilattis

Thea Falsaxum, née Thea Pilattis, is an NPC in Xenoblade Chronicles X. She is a Tree Clan Prone. She is first encountered in the Port Side of the Ma-non Ship under her original name. After A Grim Undertaking she changes her name to Thea Falsaxum and can be found dancing at night in front of the Industrial District's Repenta Diner.


In A Grim Undertaking, Thea has become depressed and lost all motivation to dance again after her fiancé Quegga was assassinated by the Ganglion. Despite Aunt Hala's pleads, she continues to act depressed. After the proper burial of Quegga and finding a memento left by him, Thea is able to move on and finds motivation to dance again. To mark her motivation, she changes her last name from Pilattis to Falsaxum, presumably to honor her late fiancé's spirit within the Falsaxum that ate him.

Affinity Links


  • After Thea changes her last name she and Hala swap spot on the Affinity Chart.
  • If Prea Slarth is talked to before A Grim Undertaking she will get an affinity link Thea, but for some reason once said mission is completed and Thea changes her last name that link disappears. If Prea is spoken to at this point the missing link will be replaced by a new one.