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"Ancient civilization sounds good and all... but basically, this place is a giant museum with no tourists. That's not gonna feed anyone."
— Zeke, "The Market Behind the Market"

Theosoir (English dub: /ˈθiːoʊˌswɑːr/) is a city in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is the capital of the Kingdom of Tantal, located on the Upper Level inside the Titan Genbu.

There are no enemies here except during quest events.

Landmarks and Locations




Quest-exclusive Enemies

Quest-exclusive Boss


Name Type Proprietor Wares Requirements
Viccus - -
Biblio Paulio
Grapheon Prideful Walking -
The Armu Who Loved -
Witness the Crustip -
The Annals of Addam -
The Blizzard Choir Weathered Ship
Astrology Made Simple Crafty Developments
Gentlemen: A Study The Writer's Assistant (choose "friendship" answers)
The Flora of Alrest The Writer's Assistant (avoid "friendship" answers)
Paulio Deeds All wares purchased at least once
Boldarde Textiles
Linnaea Tantalese Velvet -
Snowflake-Weave Sole -
Genbu-Weave Cloth -
Heatstripe -
Musical Hair Clasp Cuisine Researcher
Torigoth Snowpouch Crafty Developments
Boldarde Deeds All wares purchased at least once
Casheefs Blacksmiths
Core Chips
Calliopus Battery Chip -
Engine Chip -
Lodranite Chip -
DeAlego Trading
Parelene - -
Dolphin Salvagers
Olioli - -
Hobby Trappers
Board Games
Mamanji Don't Feed the Armu -
Bluff Knight -
Money-Bye-Bye -
Smack-A-Nopon Frozen Door
Jeweled Billiard Balls Cuisine Researcher
Trappers Deeds All wares purchased at least once
Ransenion - -
Lansmeyer Accessories
Talisandre Jade Vest -
Silver Belt -
Pearl Hat -
Ice Headband -
Crystal Greaves -
Goddess Banner -
Ring Attachment -
Whip Attachment -
Edge Attachment -
Healing Amulet -
Lelemi Aux Cores
Aux Cores
Lelemi - -
Lectica Vegetables
Lucisthenes Steamed Veg Stralu -
Addam's Embercakes -
Prickly Snowpickle -
Snowy Dudleya Gelée -
Vinaigrette Ice Cabbage Weathered Ship
Lectica Deeds All wares purchased at least once
Memoria Art
Tephloneo Ancient King's Portrait -
Snow-Crystal Vase -
Portrait of Ger the Hero -
The Girl on the Hill Chapter 8
Final Chorus Chapter 8
Memoria Deeds All wares purchased at least once
Placks Patisserie
Colemmea Airy Snowflake Sherbet -
Thawing Mille-Feuille -
Baked Narcipear -
Sno-Bake Cheesecake -
Odifa Punch Weathered Ship
Snow Dumplings Beat the Heat
Placks Deeds All wares purchased at least once
Platini Deli
Staple Foods
Saramena Fondant Rice Cake -
Tantalese Porridge -
Fried Octomayo -
Poached Fruit Samod Frozen Door
Grumbird Rice Bowl Beat the Heat
Platini Deeds All wares purchased at least once
Praximo Cosmetics
Dyphne Steamy Oil -
Chocolate Shadow -
Moonstar Lipstick -
Noponic Nails -
Steam Powder -
Praximo Deeds All wares purchased at least once
So-Called Best Artisan (DLC) ※2
Barhanen Bio Gauntlet -
Rebirth Amulet -
Hero Vambraces -
Holy Necklace -
Tyrant Ring -
Tatraty Fish
Stullon Aromalocaris Sauté -
Abyssturgeon Medallion -
Bagna Oyster Roll Frozen Door
Whitebait-Samod Hotpot Cuisine Researcher
Tatraty Deeds All wares purchased at least once
Traveling Bard (DLC) ※1
Traveling Bard - -
※ After finishing the game and installing Patch (Ver.1.3.0), the New Game Plus will be available and will unlock the Traveling Bard.
※2 After installing the New Quests Pack 4 of the Expansion Pass and triggering Artisanal Accessories.