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  • Of course, at this point in the game we don't know we'll have to fight her yet but when trying to beat Tyrea and Solidum Telethia, I saw them listed as the first of the three hardest bosses (That One Boss). I forget who the second was but it said the third and hardest is Lorithia, because a.) You have to defeat her mooks, who respawn, to damage her, b.) Either she or they inflict debuffs, and c.) There are pools of acid around that your teammates often step into and take damage.

    I also peeked at her page and it says she's Level 75. So I have a rough idea of what level I need to be to beat her.

    I know I'm a ways away from her coz I'm Level 58 (just got the entire team together at Hidden Machina Village), but any recommendations on what level I should be before fighting Lorithia? I will want to be at least six levels above the enemies around her so they won't do any real damage to me (much like with Mumkhar, and that horde of Mechon guarding the key, and Fiora will be essential for removing the debuffs), but I'll want to be pretty high above her too to be safe.

    That said, reaching Level 80 could be difficult if there won't be enemies in her area higher than Level 75. But, of course scattered across like Colony 9, Bionis Leg, etc., there are enemies that are Level 70-80 who you want to avoid when you're first there. I didn't remember them at the time, but once I reach Level 75, I'll of course want enemies Level 75-79 or so for reaching Level 80, I'd feel much safer fighting Lorithia five levels above her. Or whichever the lowest recommended level for her is. Where would I find enemies at this level? (Valak Mountain of course has Level 90's, to beat them I'd have to be ready to take Zanza on)

    Also what's the recommended team for her? Again, I'll probably need Fiora for countering the debuffs. Though as Lorithia's immune to debuffs herself I might not want Riki, since debuffs are his big thing. Perhaps Shulk and Reyn? Shulk's Back Slash and Reyn's really powerful attack. Or should I use Sharla instead of Reyn? As far as I know Shulk's the only healer of the three I just mentioned, I might want a bigger healer than him, and Sharla was the key to beating Tyrea. Or should I use Riki anyway for beating the smaller enemies, healing, and increasing Party Gauge for Chain Attacks? I guess the trick to Lorithia is that, with her being immune to debuffs (including Aura Seal), I need a combination of attacks that do a good amount of damage, and the ability to heal and remove debuffs.

    At LEAST Zanza himself is not on that list, so I know if I can beat Lorithia, Zanza shouldn't be too tough even though he's also immune to debuffs. (I've been told most players are Level 90 by the time they reach him, I doubt anything nine levels below can be a real challenge)

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    • To answer one of my questions, I figured out several enemies on the Bionis Leg that would be perfect for this: (many of which are found in Windy Cave, and I bet I know where that is)

      • Admiral Arachno (73)
      • Lahar Flamii (73)
      • Royal Caterpile (74)
      • Dark Hox (74-76)
      • General Arachno (75)
      • Tempest Vang (75)
      • Sloth Gogol (75-76)
      • Greed Gogol (75-77)
      • Last Rhogul (76)
      • Envy Sardii (77)
      • Magnis Ardun (77)
      • Gluttony Gogol (78)
      • Envy Gogol (80)

      Those sound a bit right? I just hope there's lots of Level 60-ish enemies around Mechonis (I'm Level 61 now) coz I'm sure I'm about to fight the second hardest boss Jade Face soon. And from the whole Sharla thing I'm 100% sure he's Gadolt

      Also, checked a list of enemies and sounds like there are Level 72's in Bionis Interior where you fight Lorithia too, I can use them for leveling until I'm ready to fight Admiral Arachno and them on Bionis Leg. But I can't find any above 60 and below 68 in Mehconis Field and anywhere other than Central Factory and Agniratha, and soon the Level 60 Dogma Mechon won't get me any levels up fast.

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    • Not at Mechonis Core yet but from Opulent and Resplendent Flamii to Arachno Admirals/Generals and Royal Caterpiles to Dark Hox to Gogols to the Envy Gogols, I'm Level 80 now and ready to progress with the story straight, probably at least as far as Dickson (who's also Level 80), but who knows how many levels I'll go up by the time I'm at him? Taking Mechonis Core into account I might at LEAST be 81 when I get to Lorithia. And for the first time I'm confident I can beat her. (Hell, I could've easily done all this before GADOLT, though I was able to beat him (barely) at 71 in two tries)

      Is she still hard at Level 80/81? (There is still the acid and debuffs, but I assume her mooks will be weaker than her and thus at least six levels below and can't do any real damage. Also I might try using Sharla's insta-kill combo on them, though I know it won't work on bosses)

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    • I beat her. Had to revive Reyn from the acid pit a few times (why is there acid inside a heart anyway)? and even 9 levels above the Novas it took a bit of time to finish them, but at Level 81 the fight was, challenging but not overly difficult. I doubt I would have beaten her if I was three levels above her. I used Fiora, Riki, and Reyn.

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