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    Hello wiki people.

    I've been poking around in the Xenoblade X Data Tables, looking for information to compile in the hopes of upgrading the enemy pages with deeper info.

    However, there's a parameter in the data for the enemies which has been giving me a little trouble, which is EnhanceID.

    Enhance pertains to any additional effect which gets applied to a character, enemy, or skell. Damage multipliers, buffs, debuffs etc. and the conditions which trigger them. There's a commons table which includes them all here, and for ease of understanding, I've produced a table of my own which details what most of the numbers pertain to.

    Enhance Table

    Keyword there being most. I'm still missing definitive answers for some of the conditions and types, several of which get applied to the vast majority of enemies in the game, and others to the superbosses. I've left ??? on these.

    I was hoping to get some help on filling in the blanks, as I don't have a save file which can reliably test what the missing enhance conditions and types are for the enemies involved. Once I've got them sussed, I can continue compiling accurate data. The key ones are Condition 50, and Types 40 & 82.

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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