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  • ** The german word „Allwissenheit“ (IPA: [alˈvɪsn̩haɪ̯t]) may be also a reference to his name, Alvis, since the first and second syllables („All·wis“) are pronounced just like his name. The meaning of „Allwissenheit“ is „omniscience“.

    (Notice: The letter „w“ in the german language has the same pronunciation like the „v“ letter in the english language.)

    Am I allowed to add this text under the trivia section? Since Alvis knows everything about the entire world of Bionis and Mechonis, about the causility of the world and about the Monado, the german adjectiv „allwissend“ (IPA: [ˈalˈvɪsn̩t] / „all-knowing“) suits to him very well (I suppose).

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    • I see no problem with that going under the trivia section - it's pretty interesting, and certainly ties in to the character.

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    • No problem for me too. However, if you add this sentence, you will have to use the English quotes "..." instead of those „...“.

      For the IPA, you use the same format already written in other articles, in particular the first sentence of the Alvis article.

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    • I edited the page. You can edit the text if you want.

      It sounds at one point ridiculous, but I think "Allwissenheit" or "allwissend" (this is an adjectiv) suits to Alvis' character, because he knows everything about the entire world. Do you think the same as I do?

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    • I do not know exactly what to answer. You can choose like for the Scandinavian origin and Old Norse meaning, "all wise". It is probably more suitable for a reference to take a noun for a noun, an adjective for an adjective, a verb for a verb, etc. as it is usually done for the etymology of a word in a dictionary, but I do not think it is essential here.

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