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  • i know this is a stupid question that i should know but what does force mean i mean im pretty sure more force equals more damage so does that mean im a dumb person that is extremley stupid?

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    • (Thread moved from the Off-Topic board to the Xenoblade Games board; questions about XC1 or XCX are not off-topic.)

      It means the devs couldn't be bothered to explain all the stats.

      A spreadsheet on Google Docs (sorry, I don't have the link handy), which got its information from a Japanese website, gives the Skell damage formula as:

      Damage =
       (random value from 100% to 105%)
       × ( Attack × AttackBuffTotal × HitScaling + Force × StabilityTotal )
       × AdditiveMultipliers × AppendageHardness × AttributeResistTotal

      (edited for readability)

      So yes, Force affects the amount of damage, though it's not the only factor.

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    • oh ok (i didnt know what to label it because i thought it had to be exactly about the game to be on topic) thanks by the way

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