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  • Please stop adding rewards to the squad mission pages. Although the screen calls them "reward items", they're just enemy drops which the game presents in a simpler format so as not to interrupt the mission. The "reward item" materials aren't consistent, as evidenced by the fact that you added something that a previous contributor hadn't received for Odd Symbiosis, so it's misleading to list them on the squad mission page as rewards.

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    • Melios, you should really take into account this message.

      Or, is it because you do not (really) agree? In this case, you can discuss it here, no problem. Otherwise, we will revert changes you have just made.

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    • They're not fixed to mission?

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    • No, they're just enemy drops, so they can vary depending on appendages broken, treasure sensor augments, and luck. Online missions give you the enemy drops at the end of the mission instead of at the end of each battle, so that you won't be interrupted by treasure screens in the middle of a mission when playing with other people.

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    • A FANDOM user
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