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        • Slight early game Xenoblade Chronicles 2 spoilers

    For the past day I've been trying to collect data from the game to figure out the exact formula to calculate how much WP you receive. We already know the stats formula, and the damage formula, but it doesn't seem like anyone figured out the WP, SP, and EXP formulas (if I'm wrong, please tell me!)

    I think I've almost got it. You can see my calculations in the Google Sheet linked below. But I still need more data to get a better idea and get more of a wider range.

    So if you guys are playing the game, if you defeat a Unique Monster or Boss, I'd appreciate it if you recorded down the name, the enemy's level, a character's level, and how much WP they got. Any level difference is welcome, in fact wider differences would help more. NG+ level change on demand would help in this. Thank you so much!

    Google Sheet Link

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    • On our EXP page we seem to have EXP data down: "If the character is the same level as the enemy, they will earn exactly the amount of EXP yielded. If the player is higher leveled, the EXP earned will be reduced by 10% for each level, with a minimum yield equal to the level of the enemy. The 10% deductions are compounded (i.e. If the player is two levels above the enemy, they will earn 0.90 * 0.90 = 81% of the enemy's base EXP yield).

      Conversely, if the enemy is higher leveled, the character will earn a 5% increase per level difference. In addition, if an enemy is killed in a Joint Combo Finish, the EXP yielded will increase by 50%."

      But you're right that WP and SP have nothing similar. I don't currently have access to XC2 or TTGC, but will give you data once I do.

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    • That "10% per level" rule on the EXP page doesn't agree with the table on the Level page, although it does come close for larger differences in level. That table came from the Japanese guide. I had done a bit of testing at the time, and the table's EXP modifiers seemed to work for both EXP and SP, but I only tracked it for 5-10 battles and at small differences in level, so obviously a lot more testing is needed. I didn't test WP at all.

      When testing, remember to check whether you're getting EXP bonuses from anything else (for example some shop deeds raise combat EXP by 10%).

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    • Looks like the table from the Japanese guide matches BTL_Lv_Rev in the data dump, except that the latter has an extra "ExpRevLow2" column, with values slightly higher than "ExpRevLow". My guess is it's for UMs when the UM's level is lower than yours; someone should test that.

      …And it looks like an anon updated your spreadsheet with links to both the BTL_Lv_Rev table and a GameFAQs thread which says EXP, SP, and WP are scaled the same.

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    • Thanks so much, Drahnian! I didn't check the EXP page, but it seems like we have some formulas on how EXP is gained. But Flanqer did note how they don't correspond to to numbers written on the Levels page (thanks for the link, I didn't know that existed!). Considering the level page numbers correspond directly to the numbers from the datamine, I'm guessing that could be closer to the right formula. Enemy stats has 3 different pages of data to consider, so there might be a missing link between the two with EXP. I haven't done any testing on EXP so I have no clue.

      I did notice ExpRevLow2 before but brushed it off as I was focusing on WP. But now that I think of it, I do remember that while looking for WP, I noticed how on a very early version of the game, all the way in Dec 2017, you gained more WP than you do now (I kept that in mind with the data collection and only used latest numbers). Maybe that column might have indicated the previous formula, which was updated to the one used now? Or it might still be implemented in some way.

      I figured the anon was one of you guys. I'm not sure what the anon meant with the wiki being wrong, as it seems to have the right info. It could be that the info is not complete?

      The GameFaqs discussion was an interesting read, so thank you anon for that! It seems mostly to revolve around discussion with how accessories work. But they seem to have the same formula that I got (minus the accessory and overkill testing as I stayed away from those)

      The WP was done like:
        (Base WP * ( 1+ playerlevelmodifier) * (1+ accessory) )
        ( Base WP * ( 1 + playerlevelmodifier ) * ( overkill ) )

      The playerLevelModifier seemed to refer to the info on the percentage I was collecting. But I did notice how the numbers on the Levels page is very very very close to what little I do have for the WP growth. It could be those very numbers? I still want to make sure and test to see if the rules apply even over a level difference of 20. But if it's right, we can get confirmation of the exact amount of WP received, with data to back it up. And if those same rules apply to EXP and SP, we've basically got everything made for us. I'll move anon's links over to the relevant link's page.

      And if any of the wiki's mods want access to editing permissions for the protected pages in the Google Sheets Link, if you give me your gmail I'll give it to you!

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    • Anon wasn't me, although I posted a link to this thread on the Discord so it'll have been someone in the community who may or may not have a wikia account.

      (The Discord server might be quite useful for you, Eduarda - XenoKT is taking a wiki/general xenoblade break at the moment but is still on the server, and BlazingDiancie also does a lot of stuff with the datamine. There's a few folk on the server who either don't have wikia accounts or are not active enough to be spotted, who know a lot about the datamine too, who might be helpful to talk to!)

      I personally don't need to edit the protected pages - stats aren't my area - but thanks for offering!

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