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Three Sage Summit (Japanese: 三大賢者の頂, San dai kenja no itadaki) is a Secret Area in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is a Secret Area located in Valak Mountain. Two Glory Slobos can be found here in the daytime and three Gloria Slobos can be found at nighttime. The Final Marcus also spawns at the summit at night in clear weather. After the events at Mechonis Core, during a blizzard, the Avalanche Abaasy is present at night instead. Several collection orbs can also be found here.

Giants' Treasure Chest


The Giants' Treasure Chest of the Three Sage Summit

At the northeast corner of the area there is a door that is only opened when The Final Giants' Ruins is active and the party has obtained the Daring, Heart, and Truth of the Giants. Upon opening this door, the Invited Slobos will spawn right behind the party. After that initial encounter, immediately after spawning, it will run up the path behind the door to guard the Giants' Treasure Chest found inside. In this Giants' Treasure Chest are a few rare items:

How to get there

  1. From the Zokhed Pass, proceed west.
  2. Take the second north exit on the "default" level. The party will be asked to melt the ice before proceeding further. This is a fairly hidden path that will take the party to an ether mining spot (at the "S" of "Serik Waterfall" on the map).
  3. Take the west path at the junction. It is recommended to save before going onto the second slippery part.
  4. On the second slippery part, the leader of the party must jump just as they leave it, aiming for a cliff face above a pond that is climbable. It will help if Quick Step gems are equipped or if the party leader is linked with movement increasing skills from Fiora and Riki that will further increase movement speed (i.e. Riki's Innocence - Adventure Time! and Fiora's Daring - Nimble Feet).


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