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The Title Screen is an area in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is used only during the game's title screen, and is not used in cutscenes nor visited in normal gameplay. It is a seemingly endless plain, with the Monado sticking out of the ground and the remains of a Mechon to one side.

Like the cutscenes in this game, the title screen is rendered in-engine rather than pre-rendered, so this location is stored in the game’s data as a 3D space. Its internal filename is ma0000, and it has the same format as other areas like Colony 9. The Monado and Mechon debris are not part of the map model, but are added as separate props during rendering.

The solid walking surface of this area is level rather than following the contours of the land. As a result, if a hack is used to visit this area, the characters will seem to wade through intangible ground which ranges from ankle-deep to waist-deep or higher. This suggests that the area was created solely for the title screen and was never intended to be visited during the game.

For instructions on reaching this area, see: Hacked Locations.


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