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For the status in other games, see Topple.

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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Topple is a mobility debuff in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It causes the target to fall down or fall to its knees. When a target is down, it cannot dodge and thus attackers can hit the toppled target with 100% accuracy. If the enemy is inflicted with Stagger, their resistance to Topple is removed.

Some enemy Battle Arts can topple Skells if they are flying in the air with a Flight Module. If they are hovering at ground level, they will not be toppled if it has that effect.



Skell Art

Soul Voice

Enemies (by Art name)

Air Slash (air only)

Almandal Finale (air only)

Bionic Bomb (air only)

Dino Mortar (air only)

Drill Stomp

  • Luciel, the Eternal (also uses Dino Mortar, Inferno Missile, Multi Dino Mortar, Roar, Stomp, and Tail Swing)

Ether Explosion

Ether Mortar (air only)

Flame Cannon (air only)

Flame Launcher (air only)

Flame Mortar (air only)

Flesh Missile

God Wand

Gravity Bomb (air only)

Inferno Mortar (air only)

Kick (only with Enhancer Satellis support)

  • Vita (also uses Lethal Plane)

Lava Missile (air only)

Massive Swing

Maximal Missiles (air only)

Mega Gravity (air only)

Multi Ether Laser

OD Meteor Launcher

Punchity Punchaton

RFB Missile (air only)

Rock Missile (air only)

Rock Toss (air only)

Sludge Toss (air only)

Vajra Flail

Velocity Ray (air only)

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