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For the NPC in Xenoblade Chronicles X, see Tora (XCX).
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"Destiny calling for Tora. Rude not to say "hello" back."
— Tora

Tora (Japanese: トラ) is one of the main playable characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He is a Nopon and the creator of the artificial Blade Poppi. Despite being the only party member incapable of being a Driver, he is the only one who can use the various forms of Poppi in battle. Tora joins the party after completing the main quests Artificial Blade Parts 1 and Artificial Blade Parts 2 during Chapter 2. Upon joining the party he is equipped with a common Nopon Mask.


Tora, much like his father and grandfather - Professors Tatazo and Soosoo, respectively - aspired to be a Driver, but his attempt at resonating with a Core Crystal was unsuccessful. Due to this, he started developing an artificial Blade in order to achieve his dream.

He tends to call Rex "Rex-Rex" (Japanese: アニキ, Aniki, "Big Brother"), as a sign of respect, which is common among Nopon, due to his admiration towards him.

Similar to other Nopon, Tora is generally friendly and gluttonous. However, he is shown to have great inventive vision and pride as a mechanic. Despite being usually annoyed by Poppi's disrespectful behavior, he tries to keep her always in the best possible conditions. Tora's main personality flaw is an idealization of "cutesy" behavior in women, which is usually frowned upon by his friends.


Tora is a young Nopon with orange and brown feathers and dark brown eyes. Due to being a mechanic, he wears denim dungarees equipped with numerous tools, including a large wrench. Tora is also particularly large in size, standing out among many other Nopon despite his young age. In a post-battle dialogue, Shulk mentions that Tora's size suggests he is around 50 years old; "So this world has Nopon too. Tora, judging by your body, I'd guess you're fifty or so, right?".

Alternate Costumes

Best Girl Fan, Buster-Mode, Skullface Punk

Tora has three alternate costumes which can be obtained as DLC Aux Cores via Challenge Battle Mode. These are:


Tora as a child

Tora, his father Tatazo, and his grandfather Soosoo could not resonate with a Blade. As a work around, the three of them began working on an artificial Blade. One day, a masked man came into their workshop and seemingly shot Soosoo. Tatazo helped Tora escape the masked man and the gang of Tirkin, but he himself was captured. Before being captured, Tatazo gave Tora the blueprints to their artificial Blade. Tora then fled to Torigoth. A year before meeting Rex and Pyra, Tora applied for Driver recruitment. However, he lacked the potential to awaken a Core Crystal, as a consequence he got a nosebleed for three days.

Tora introduces himself

As Rex and Pyra are about to be captured by Brighid and Padraig, Tora shoots a missile at a nearby pipe, which spews water and temporarily weakens Brighid. Rex and Pyra join up with Tora, where he reveals his inability to resonate with a Blade. The crew then formulates a plan to break into the Titan Battleship via the Treetop Path and rescue Nia and Dromarch. Before doing so, Rex helps Tora get the few remaining materials to activate Poppi, Tora's Artificial Blade. After Rex leaves Torigoth, Tora decides to join him on his adventure in hopes of finding his father. He convinces his uncle Umon to give the party a small ship so that they may journey to the World Tree, though they end up in Uraya instead.

Upon arriving in Mor Ardain, Tora runs into Muimui, his grandfather's assistant, who admits that he doesn't know where Tatazo is. The night they arrive in Alba Cavanich, a robotic girl is seen attacking the city. Tora acknowledges her as Lila, the original artificial Blade model that he, his father, and his grandfather worked on. He then reveals his backstory to the party before deducing that his father must be alive, as he is the only one who could complete Lila. The Garfont Mercenaries discover that Lila is hiding out in the Old Factory, presumably along with Tatazo.

Tora with Poppi

In the Old Factory, the party discovers that artificial blades are being produced, further supporting that Tatazo is alive and inside the factory. Tora eventually finds his father and the two reconcile. Muimui then comes in, revealing that he was keeping Tatazo captive in the factory, and orders his Tirkin troops to attack Tora. Bana then appears, reveals he is working with Muimui, and orders Lila to attack Tora and Poppi. Eventually, Lila destroys Bana's control device and claims that her true "Masterpon" is Tatazo. Tora then briefly leaves the party while Rex and Nia pursue Bana and Muimui.

Bana and Muimui activate their ultimate artificial Blade, Rosa, and the party faces some difficulty defeating it. On cue, Tora arrives and reveals that Lila helped Poppi upgrade her ether furnace, and Poppi then transforms into Poppi QT. With this new power, they are able to subdue Rosa, though Bana escapes alongside Mikhail and Patroka. After this, Tatazo and Lila will appear in Tora's house. The sidequest Powered-Up Poppi later sees Tora upgrading Poppi into Poppi QTπ.

General stats

Level Max HP Max Strength Max Ether Max Dexterity Max Agility Max Luck
1 225 10 10 32 25 12
99, no modifier 7,996 348 321 293 231 404
99, full affinity chart 9,015 368 321 344 231 466

Thought Cloud

These are Tora's Idea Stats when he joins the party.

  • Bravery - Lv. 0
  • Truth - Lv. 0
  • Compassion - Lv. 0
  • Justice - Lv. 0

Unlike other Drivers, Tora is capable of increasing his Idea Stats by using specific items obtained in the Land of Challenge. These items are:

Poppi's forms

Unlike the rest of playable Drivers, Tora is not able to resonate with Core Crystals. However, he is the only one capable of using the various forms of the Artificial Blade Poppi.

In New Game Plus, if any form of Poppi is sent on a Merc Mission, Tora will be locked out of the active party until she returns.

Name Default Role Default Element Default Core Chip Obtained
Poppi α TNK
Lead Chip Default Blade when Tora joins the party.
Poppi QT TNK
Lead Chip During the battle against Rosa in Chapter 4.
Poppi QTπ ATK
Lead Chip After finishing the Quest Powered-Up Poppi.

Poppi's Element and Role can be freely changed with Poppiswap.


Favorite Items

Affinity Chart

Tier Name Effect SP
1 Placebo Boosts the effect of HP Potions by 20%. 625
Raring to Go I Allows use of the Driver Art assigned to X at the start of battle. 750
Good With Hands Increases Dexterity by 20. 375
Spongy Bod Increases maximum HP by 200. 250
Luckypon Increases Luck by 20 500
2 Super Spongy Bod Boosts maximum HP by 10% 1,000
Double-Luckypon Boosts Luck by 10% 1,500
Health Bomb Increases HP restored to self (not using HP Potions) by 10%. 2,000
Raring to Go II Allows use of the Driver Art assigned to Y at the start of battle. 2,500
Grin and Bear It 50% chance to survive hit with 1 HP + 5 secs invincibility (once per battle). 3,000
3 Tiger Muscle Increases Strength by 20 5,000
Crazy With Hands Boosts Dexterity by 10% 2,000
Rapture Slightly fills the Party Gauge at the end of each Chain Attack. 6,000
Nopon Chain Arts Lets you use a Driver Art after canceling a Driver Art. 4,000
Raring to Go III Allows use of the Driver Art assigned to B at the start of battle. 3,000

Hidden Affinity Chart

After finishing the game and installing Patch (Ver.1.3.0), the New Game Plus will be available and will allow Tora to get a new Affinity Chart.

Tier Name Effect SP
1 Keen Recovery Restores 3% HP when canceling an auto-attack with a Driver Art. 6,250
Hidden Talent Increases Ether by 20. 7,500
Forced Initiative Increases damage dealt by a surprise attack by 50%. 3,750
Nopon Rescue Service Increases the HP restored when reviving a teammate by 15% 5,000
Restless Foot Increases Agility by 20. 2,500
2 Team Mascot Increases Affinity by 25% after winning a Special button challenge. 5,000
Nopon Topple Arts Extends Topple duration by 15% 15,000
Super Restless Foot Boosts Agility by 10% 7,500
Look Over There! Reduces enemy Break resist 12,500
Hope for the Best Slightly fills the Party Gauge when an "Excellent" is scored during a Special. 10,000
3 Poppi Care Boosts recharge for Specials after canceling by 20% 20,000
Inherit Protein Boosts Strength by 10% 15,000
Burgeoning Talent...? Boosts Ether by 10% 30,000
Nopon Chain Boost Adds 20% to damage ratio after canceling an auto-attack. 25,000
Mood Maker Slightly fills the Party Gauge for each critical hit delivered. 10,000


A spectral version of Tora is fought as a Driver enemy during Chapter 10, in the First Low Orbit Station. He is fought alongside Zeke and they are the last party members to be fought. He is supported by Poppi α.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Tora is one of the characters who can appear on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC stage, Cloud Sea of Alrest, where he may be present in the background alongside Poppi. Tora also appears as a Spirit on the Spirit Board and in Adventure Mode's World of Dark, in the Mysterious Realm, at an intersection where the player is asked which of the following Spirits is a Nopon. Fighting Tora's Spirit Battle first will unlock a treasure when traversing to the next area. His spirit is represented by a puppet fighter of Jigglypuff assisted by a minion fighter of Daisy, whose shield has extra durability.


His name (katakana トラ, hiragana とら, kanji ) means tiger, a reference to his coat coloration.


  • Tora is a possible throwback to Tora from Xenoblade Chronicles X due to their similarities in name and appearance. Elma mentions this upon meeting him.
  • Tora has an interest in maids inherited from his father and grandfather, hence the maid outfits stashed inside his closet.
  • Similar to Riki from Xenoblade Chronicles, Tora has the highest HP in the party.


  • "Meh, looks bad!"
  • "How did they find Tora?"
  • "Tora will beat them no problem!"
  • "Tora did it!"
  • "Tora can even beat them without friends!"
  • "Tora is very handy to have around."
  • "Tora's science know how saves the day!"
  • "Fighting make Tora toasty-toasty!"
  • "Meh meh. Off we go!"
  • "Where did Mr. Sun go?"
  • "Tora just take a peek here!"
  • "What is inside box? Sweets or treats or socks?"

Post-Battle Dialogue

Main Cast

Team Rex
Condition: After watching the event "Umon the Shipwright" (Chapter 3).
Tora Tora "Rex-Rex, will you help Tora tune up Poppi next time?"

Rex Rex "No worries! I bet I can learn something to help us salvaging, too."

Condition: After watching the event "Umon the Shipwright" (Chapter 3).
Azurda Azurda "You've improved considerably, Tora."

Tora Tora "Really? Could Tora even become as good as Rex-Rex?"

Tora Tora "Fighting make Tora toasty-toasty!"

Pyra Pyra "If you really wanna feel toasty, give me some ingredients and half an hour!"

Chapter 3 spoilers:

Chapter 7 spoilers:

Tora Tora "Pyra look so high tech! Maybe Tora will modify Poppi."

Pneuma Pneuma "It's so sweet how everything you do is for Poppi's sake, Tora."

Team Nia
Tora Tora "Tora is very handy to have around!"

Nia Nia "True that, you made a great decoy."

Condition: After watching the event "Umon the Shipwright" (Chapter 3).
Tora Tora "Dromarch so calm in battle, amazingly cool! Tora wants to be cool and calm too!"

Dromarch Dromarch "The first step is to stop getting so worked up about being calm!"

Chapter 7 spoilers:

Nia Nia (Ch 7 Form) "Raising the bar, again!"

Tora Tora "Nia is most amazing Blade Tora has ever seen!"

Team Tora
Tora Tora "Is Tora good enough Driver for Poppi?"

Poppi α Poppi α "Masterpon is Poppi's only Driver."

Poppi α Poppi α "Masterpon, Poppi's right arm is malfunctioning."

Tora Tora "Hold on, Poppi! Masterpon will fix it!"

Chapter 4 spoilers:

Tora Tora "Ah, what a battle! Lila's fighting spirit is amazing!"

Poppi QT Poppi QT "Poppi cherish sisterpon's feelings inside here."

Poppi QT Poppi QT "Masterpon is imagining, but Poppi definitely feel great!"

Tora Tora "Is it Tora's imagination, or did Poppi also get taller?"

Chapter 8 spoilers:

Tora Tora "Poppi is so reliable, Tora so grateful!"

Poppi QTπ Poppi QTπ "That is because Masterpon treats Poppi so well."

Poppi QTπ Poppi QTπ "Attacks will be more effective if Masterpon moves from his solar plexus."

Tora Tora "Good advices, but where is Tora's solar plexus?"

Team Four

Chapter 4 spoilers:

Condition: After watching the event "Easy Tunnel Through the Clouds" (Chapter 5).
Tora Tora "Tora wonders if he will ever be as powerful as Mòrag."

Mòrag Mòrag "Strength is relative, Tora. You must find your own personal strength."

Team Five

Chapter 5 spoilers:

Zeke Zeke "The way you Nopon speak is so funny. 'Tora do this! Tora do that!'"

Tora Tora "Tora actually beautiful poet in Nopon language. Not Tora's fault Zeke not understand it."

Tora Tora "Must be tiring for Pandoria to hang out with Zeke all the time."

Pandoria Pandoria "I could ask you the same thing."

Tora Tora "Be careful with weapon! You nearly hit Tora!"

Nia Nia "Hey, we got through it in one piece, didn't we? Besides, you're so small, the chances of that happening are like... next to nothing!"

Rex Rex "Oh, you're one to talk, ha ha ha!"

Rex Rex "The key was to synchronize our breathing!"

Tora Tora "Rex-Rex and Tora are a-meh-meh-meh-meh-mazing combo!"

Vandham Vandham "Good work, but we gotta fix the world so we don't need to fight, y'hear?"

Chapter 3 spoilers:

Chapter 4 spoilers:

Rex Rex "Poppi's a really good name, but what does the QT stand for?"

Tora Tora "Quixotic Tutelar! But don't ask meaning of that, meh meh."

Poppi QT Poppi QT "Poppi is not sure, but think it's something very cool and powerful."

Nia Nia "Hey Poppi, how many points does Tora get for that one?"

Poppi QT Poppi QT "Cuteness insufficient. Five points!"

Tora Tora "Tora thinks QT settings are too strict!"

Condition: After watching the event "Easy Tunnel Through the Clouds" (Chapter 5).
Tora Tora "Phew, what a heated battle!"

Mòrag Mòrag "My apologies. Brighid may be partly to blame there."

Pyra Pyra "Ah, that might be on me. Sorry!"

Chapter 5 spoilers:

Tora Tora "Zeke's arts are so cool! H-How Zeke move like that?"

Zeke Zeke "Forget strength or practice. It's all about the single-minded desire to look awesome."

Rex Rex "You think that's impressive, Zeke's better at self-promotion than me."

Tora Tora "Tora's science know-how saves the day!"

Zeke Zeke "Nonsense, old boy. It was all down to the Eye of Shining Justice."

Nia Nia "I just don't have the energy for this."

Mòrag Mòrag "It's a wonder we were able to make it through that one."

Tora Tora "Meh! All thanks to Tora!"

Zeke Zeke "With the Zekenator on call, no battle is too tough!"

Chapter 7 spoilers:

Nia Nia (Ch 7 Form) "Awesome work, guys! Now, is anyone hurt?"

Tora Tora "Tora wish he could install Nia's re-gen power in Poppi!"

Rex Rex "Tora says it well. Just don't pick up any of Nia's habits, okay?"

Vandham Vandham "Tora, you're a hell of a Driver! Don't you forget it."

Tora Tora "Meh meh, Tora is blinded by tears!"

Rare Blades

Tora Tora "Meh meh meh, that was good fight but a bit frustrating."

Boreas Boreas "It always feels that way. Don't worry Tora. You work hard, even you can be awesome like me one day."

Expansion Pass spoilers:

Tora Tora "Corvin have shiny-shiny other sword, but not let get used ever. Why is that?"

Corvin Corvin "Durandal? Yeah, the thing is, she's kind of, uh... glued on to my back. I like to think it shows our attachment."

Tora Tora "Stuck on back? That sound terrible! How Corvin sleep then?"

Tora Tora "Fireworks of Crossette like beautiful flowers of destruction..."

Crossette Crossette "I'm so glad you get it, Tora! Making explosions is an underappreciated art form."

Tora Tora "Meh-heh, well done friends!"

Dagas Dagas "Tora, you impressed me there. You've earned your place as my foot warmer."

Tora Tora "Electra, that was very nice zappy-zappy!"

Electra Electra "Want me to try it on you, Tora?"

Expansion Pass spoilers:

Tora Tora "Tora is very handy to have around!"

Elma Elma "The Nopon on my team could learn a lot from you."

Gorg Gorg "Tora, there is no cure for your sweet tooth."

Tora Tora "Tora would rather treat the symptom than the cause, meh heh..."

Herald Herald "Battle concluded. Battle preparations to resume after short rest."

Tora Tora "Meh, Tora has never taken short rest in his life."

Chapter 8 spoilers:

KOS-MOS KOS-MOS "Minus five percent to external appearance. Request assistance with cleaning."

Tora Tora "(giggle) Tora will make you gleamy-shiny!"

Poppi QTπ Poppi QTπ "Poppi also requires cleaning!"

New Game Plus spoilers:

Mikhail Mikhail "Hey, can you get me a date with that robo-Blade of yours?"

Tora Tora "Not for a million Tasty Sausages!"

Newt Newt "To me, that was the most me fighting I've done in ages! Or rather, as me as it gets for me."

Tora Tora "Newt sure talk about herself a lot."

Tora Tora "Ah, P-Perceval! A-are you okay?"

Perceval Perceval "As ever."

Expansion Pass spoilers:

Tora Tora "Grampypon Soosoo is inspiration! Is great geniuspon!"

Poppibuster Poppibuster "Masterpon have to hustle if want to live up to legacy."

Chapter 3 spoilers:

Condition: After watching the event "Getting Even" (Chapter 4).
Tora Tora "Tora fought hard and now tummy is rumbly! Fried chicken, anyone?"

Roc Roc "You insensitive little... Say that again and you'll be on the menu!"

Expansion Pass spoilers:

Shulk Shulk "So this world has Nopon too. Tora, judging by your body, I'd guess you're fifty or so, right?"

Tora Tora "Outrageous! Tora not some dried up old geezer! Tora is youthful Nopon boy! Younger than Shulk by many much years!"

Tora Tora "Friend T-elos, you get a bit dirty in last battle. Shall Tora give friend scrubby-scrubby sponge bath?"

T-elos T-elos "Heh, keep your limbs to yourself, or else."

Ursula Ursula "I'm afraid I'm holding you all back..."

Tora Tora "Not at all! Ursula is great help, really!"

Wulfric Wulfric "Enemies remain. May I... eat this one?"

Tora Tora "Meh meh meh meh! Tora is not enemy! Not good to eat!"