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For the character in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, see Tora (XC2).

Tora (Japanese: トラ, Tora; English dub: /ˈtɔər.ə/) is a NPC in Xenoblade Chronicles X. He is Tatsu's self-proclaimed arch-nemesis, first introduced in the Affinity Mission The Ties That Bind, and can later be found at Barista Court in the Commercial District of New Los Angeles.

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  • "Rivals? Ha! More like ETERNAL ENEMIES!"
  • "Tora smarter than Tatsu. Most rocks on Mira smarter than Tatsu!"
  • "Tora, heir to Nopon future, have terrible gas after eating HUGE lunch. At long last, Tora find relief. Ancient Nopon remedy work wonders!"
  • "Tora not adorable! Tora cool. Possibly awesome."
  • "Stupid Tatsu always bragging about BLADE exploits! That why Tora need to become big merchant boss and show Tatsu up."
  • "But Commerce Guild mission statement also say use anything and anyone for money! Tora read it in charter."
  • "Stop self-indulgent gags and make coin already!"
  • "That IS terrible news! No, worse than terrible. VERY terrible!"
  • "Legendary merchants never stay in same place for more than hour. It bad for business! They always chasing next deal or exploring new corner of Mira. Tora is little sad...but more than that, Tora proud!"



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