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Torigoth is a level in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is a town in Gormott Province and the main settlement of the Gormotti people. After the Ardainian occupation, the Torigoth Relay Base and Titan Battleship were set up to enforce the Empire's rule.

At the time of the Aegis War, during the events of Torna ~ The Golden Country, Torigoth Village was a relatively minor location and not Gormott's capital, which was the White Chair.


Aegis War

Lora finds her mother's grave

Gormott during the Aegis War was the location of frequent skirmishes between Coeian and Ardainian forces. After the demise of Coeia at the hands of Malos, rogue Coeian troops looted and burned down Torigoth. Haze eventually learns that Rynea, Lora's mother, had been hiding out in Torigoth Village. Lora and the others travel to Torigoth only to find the village destroyed. By venturing further in, they find Torigoth Cemetery, where Lora finds a grave decorated with a charm that she made for her mother when she was younger.

Addam, Lora, and their Blades go back to the village, but Brighid and some Ardainian troops mistake them for the brigands that destroyed the village. After a brief battle, Hugo and Aegaeon arrive on the scene to clear the confusion. The group then sets out for an Ardainian flagship to discuss the next path forward, but Haze and Lora choose to stay behind and honor the graves.

The Torigoth Flower Patch

As Lora and Haze decorate the cemetery, Gort and his band of mercenaries ambush the duo. Gort plans to kill Lora in order to reclaim Jin as his own Blade. Jin, however, rushes to Lora's side, dispatches most of the mercenaries, and cuts off Gort's prosthetic arm. Lora tells Jin not to kill Gort, and two Ardainian soldiers attempt to capture him, but Gort manages to escape. The group then departs from Gormott and travels to Aletta.

The Torigoth Cemetery would eventually become the Torigoth Flower Patch, which along with Torigoth Arch is all that remains of the destroyed village 500 years later.

Re-awakening of Aegis

Sometime after the Aegis War, Torigoth was rebuilt. As the Empire of Mor Ardain assimilated Gormott into its empire, Torigoth became a strategic base and imperial city. As Rex, Pyra, Nia, Dromarch, and Azurda crash onto Gormott, Nia plans to take Rex to Torigoth and part ways with him there. Upon reaching the city, Nia spots a wanted poster with a crude drawing of herself. The group also witnesses the Ardainian military recruit potential Drivers.

Brighid confronts the party in Torigoth

Consul Dughall hears from Bana of the Aegis' arrival in Torigoth and plans to capture her. Captain Padraig later confronts Rex and Nia, and with the help of Brighid, is able to capture Nia and Dromarch. Rex and Pyra are able to escape with help from Tora. Rex later hears of a plan to assassinate Nia. After helping Tora assemble Poppi, they form a plan to infiltrate the Ardainian warship and rescue the two. Mòrag arrives in Torigoth, and she and Brighid interrogate Nia to learn the names of Rex and Pyra. Brighid later overhears Dughall's plan to capture the Aegis before Mòrag can.

Rex and Tora successfully rescue Nia and Dromarch from the Ardainian warship. As they escape, they are confronted by Dughall and his Blade Dolmes, but the group is able to make quick work of Dughall. As they attempt to escape Torigoth, they are confronted by Mòrag and Brighid. The rumors of Nia's assassination were orchestrated by Mòrag in order to lure Rex into her hands. Though seemingly outmatched, they are able to weaken Brighid's power by knocking over a water tower and quickly escape the city.

Landmarks and Locations





Name Type Proprietor Wares Requirements
Café Savvy
Adwen Lunana Smoothie -
Gormotti Honeytea -
Kukurel Springwater -
Passion Fruit Shake Raddon Family
Victory Smoothie The Water City
Savvy Deeds All wares purchased at least once
Cmalaf Artwork
Peline The Girl on the Hill -
Black Flower Field -
Woodcut Print of Bana Turf War Protection
Wood-Carven Queen The Water City
Cmalaf Deeds All wares purchased at least once
Coedwig Inn
Helmie - -
Jill Puffoundation -
Treesap Conditioner -
Flurrycomb -
Conch Hairpin Renowned Goods
Sparkly Snow Perfume Farming Tech
Cosmetipolitan Deeds All wares purchased at least once
Gryff Butchers
Yofan Estral Steak -
Tasty Sausage -
Mince & Lentil Stir-Fry Raddon Family
Mustard Kordeth Farming Tech
Gryff Deeds All wares purchased at least once
Turuni - -
Keydal Accessories
Rheena - -
Lily's Aux Cores
Aux Cores
Carwen - -
Llysiau Greens
Tenne Crispy Sauté -
Torigoth Marinade -
Stuffed Meaty Carrot -
Puri Leaf Salad -
Llysiau Deeds All wares purchased at least once
Margia's Odds & Ends
Kassa Gormott Head -
Inherited Core Crystal -
Masnach Exchange
Llin - -
Neuromin Textiles
Yul Puzzletree Pouch -
Torigoth-Weave Mat -
Wood-Dye Waistcloth -
Sun-Dappled Curtains -
Leaf-Weave Cape Renowned Goods
Snowflake Scarf Farming Tech
Neuromin Deeds All wares purchased at least once
Soniarus Music
Tros Torigonda -
Woodgrain Alphorn -
Cedarwood Koto -
Woodboard Raddon Family
Coralline Marimba The Water City
Soniarus Deeds All wares purchased at least once
Tilly Bakery
Staple Foods
Attas Ruska Dumplings -
Ruska Noodle Goulash -
Deluxe Ham Toastie -
Beat Paste Paratha -
Cream Orange Paratha -
Ruska Noodle Soup Turf War Protection
Lucky Dawn Bread Can only be purchased between 05:00 - 07:00
Tilly Deeds All wares purchased at least once
Tomi Fishmongers
Cudsy Gormotti Fish Flakes -
Grass-Smoked Salmon -
Bipedal Crab Chili The Water City
Tomi Deeds All wares purchased at least once
Traveling Bard (DLC) ※
Traveling Bard - -
Yarvay Salvaging
Heinic - -
Zelkova Blacksmiths
Core Chips
Duwey - -
※ After finishing the game and installing Patch (Ver.1.3.0), the New Game Plus will be available and will unlock the Traveling Bard.