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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Torna (Japanese: イーラ, Īra, lit. Ira) is an organization in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They carry out secretive operations for a mysterious purpose under Alrest's Cloud Sea. They want to capture Pyra, known as the legendary Aegis, and try to stop her and her friends on their way to reach Elysium. The organization is headed by Jin and seconded by Malos, with Akhos acting as Torna's brains. Two other members, Mikhail and Patroka, work alongside the rest of the group. They possess a large ship called the Monoceros. Torna is named after the Titan of the same name which was destroyed during the Aegis War 500 years before.



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In the aftermath of the Aegis War, Malos is presumed to be dead, and Jin and his Driver Lora travel to Spessia to reunite with some Tornan refugees. Amalthus, now the new Praetor of the Indoline Praetorium, launches an assault on Spessia in hopes of destroying the other Aegis, Mythra. Lora suffers fatal wounds as she trys to escape, and Jin consumes her heart to continue living on as a Flesh Eater.

In actuality, Malos does survive the War, albeit with heavy damage to his Core Crystal. Malos spots a desolate Jin during a downpour in a city, and the two decide to team up and form the new organization of Torna with the goal of reaching Elysium to kill the Architect and the rest of humanity. They are able to secure a warship known as the Monoceros, which they use as their base, and an old Tornan warship, the Marsanes. Jin places Lora’s frozen body on board the Marsanes to remind him of his goals. Jin then recruits many Flesh Eaters and Blade Eaters for the organization. He frees Akhos and Patroka from a Tantalese ship headed to Indol, and at some point after Amalthus begins executing Blade Eaters, he is able to rescue Mikhail. Lastly, he saves Nia from being executed by the Praetorium. All four of them join the organization. Akhos works as the brains of Torna, while Mikhail works on the Marsanes.

Ancient Ship

Torna eventually pinpoints the location of the Ancient Ship that Addam used to seal away Pyra. Knowing the seal on the ship could only be broken by a Leftherian, they turn to Chairman Bana for recommendations, and he gives the job to Rex. With the help of Rex and his team of salvagers, the Ancient Ship is resurfaced, and Rex helps open up the ship. When Rex accidentally touches the Aegis Sword, Jin murders him, though Rex ends up resurrecting as Pyra's new Driver. In a short scuffle on board the Ancient Ship, Nia defects against Torna to help Rex, and Nia, Rex, and their Blades all escape with the help of Azurda.


Jin and Malos rendezvous with Akhos. Using his Blade Obrona's abilities, Akhos is able to deduce that Pyra and the others are leaving Gormott and headed to Uraya, and he and Malos travel to intercept them. In the meantime, Jin hijacks an Ardainian ship with Core Crystals headed to Indol and steals the cores for Torna. Akhos first challenges Rex and the group at Garfont Village, but Vandham forces him to retreat. He and Malos later kidnap Cole's granddaughter, Iona, and lure Pyra out to the Olethro Playhouse. In the ensuing battle, Malos and Akhos overwhelm the party and kill Vandham before Mythra unleashes her power. After a hit from Siren reverts their blades to their cores, Malos and Akhos retreat once again. 

Mor Ardain

Torna then buys out a shipment of Artificial Blades from Bana's factory in Mor Ardain. Mikhail and Patroka arrive at Bulge Harbor and challenge Rex and the group to a battle, but the combined efforts of the party and assistance from Mòrag, Brighid, and Fan la Norne result in both Mikhail and Patroka losing their blades and being forced to retreat. They leave on the Monoceros but not without taking Bana and the Artificial Blades with them. 


Back on the Monoceros, Akhos discovers Mor Ardain's excavation of a Judicium Titan in Temperantia. While the other members of Torna work on their own projects, Jin heads for Temperantia. He manages to hijack the Titan Weapon and fire on Urayan forces, making it seem that Mor Ardain attacked Uraya without declaring war. Rex, Mythra, and the party, accompanied by Fan la Norne, attempt to disable the Titan Weapon. Jin challenges them on the Titan Weapon, and he kills Fan la Norne and attempts to kill the rest of them before he breaks down in pain. Akhos arrives on the scene and rescues Jin. It is revealed that Jin is slowly dying and needs to heal within a special chamber on the Marsanes. Akhos, Mikhail, and Patroka consider attacking the Ruler's Congress but ultimately decide against it.


Rex and his group travel to Tantal next in hopes of getting the Omega Fetter to redirect Ophion from guarding the World Tree. Akhos, Patroka, and Mikhail intercept them at Genbu Crown, but the party, now with Zeke and Pandoria, is able to defeat them. However, Jin arrives on the scene and uses his true power to quickly dispatch the group, and the Artificial Blades restrict the party. Before Jin gets to kill Rex, Pyra offers herself and the Omega Fetter over to Torna in exchange for the rest of their lives. 

Cliffs of Morytha

Torna takes Pyra on board the Marsanes before bringing her to the Cliffs of Morytha. Malos begins to steal data from Pyra's Core Crystal to repair his own. Now regaining his Aegis powers, he uses the Omega Fetter to reprogram Ophion to work for Malos and Torna. He also learns of Artifice Aion and realizes that is how Torna will destroy the world. Malos fights the party once they reach the Cliffs of Morytha, and he and Jin both take them on at the Gotrock Oracle Ruins. Here, Rex is able to awaken Pyra and Mythra's true powers, quickly turning the battle in their favor. A scuffle ensues between Ophion and Siren, and the battle results in the party falling to the Land of Morytha

Land of Morytha

Rex and Mythra awake in the Land of Morytha and surprisingly find Jin as well, who was separated from the rest of Torna. Jin reluctantly teams up with Rex and the others until they find their way out of Morytha; along the way, Jin reveals his ideologies and past on Torna but is met with skepticism from Rex. The other members of Torna pilot the Marsanes down to Morytha to rescue Jin. Upon seeing the ruins of Morytha, Mikhail begins to wonder if Jin's desire to wipe out humanity is truly justified. The Marsanes reaches the base of the World Tree, and Jin boards the ship. 

Showdown with Indol

As Torna begins to climb the World Tree, they are intercepted by Indol. As Amalthus unleashes his forces to stop Torna, Torna releases their army of Artificial Blades, immune to Amalthus' ability to control Blades. After Rex and Mythra refuse to help Amalthus, he begins summoning Alrest's Titans to fire at the World Tree and the Marsanes. Mikhail tells Patroka and Akhos to leave the Marsanes and follow Jin, and the Marsanes soon transforms into a large mech to combat Indol. Rex and Pneuma are able to use Siren to destroy Indol's amplification towers, preventing Amalthus from controlling Titans; when Indol fires at Rex's group, Mikhail protects them with the Marsanes. Mikhail reminisces about how the party reminds him of Lora and the others in the Kingdom of Torna, and trusts Rex to reach Jin and tell him his beliefs on why humans and Blades exist. As the party climbs the World Tree further, Mikhail sacrifices himself to defeat Indol in a huge explosion. 

Jin vs Rex

Jin and Malos continue to climb the Tree until they reach Megrez Gateway; Jin decides to stay behind to inevitably hold off Rex for as long as possible. As Rex battles Jin for the final time, Jin questions why Rex would want to open up Elysium to humans, thinking that they would turn it into another Morytha. Rex answers by saying that the existence of Blades would prevent this, as Blades continue to be passed down from Driver to Driver, just as memories are passed down with humans, until they eventually become the Titans that shelter the humans.

Jin begins to succumb to his wounds, and Akhos and Patroka arrive and attempt to hold off Rex; Jin, however, reveals they've done all they can and orders them to stand down. Nia heals Jin temporarily and Patroka tries to ready Jin for treatment before Amalthus arrives and kills Patroka. Akhos retaliates in rage, but Amalthus kills him too. As the party weakens Amalthus, Rex and Mythra shield Jin from a lethal blow. Nia asks why Jin allowed her to live after leaving Torna; Jin notes that Rex and the others reminded him of Lora and the rest of his allies in Torna, and he realizes humanity may be in better hands than he thought. He then tells Rex to stop Malos before using the last of his power to kill Amalthus. Jin then dissolves in a silver light. 

Malos' Last Stand

Malos, however, still reaches the Architect. He unsuccessfully attempts to kill the Architect, but the Architect reveals he will soon disappear from the world regardless. Malos then leaves to activate Aion, to which the Architect does not object. As Rex and the others reach Malos in the Aion Hangar, Malos reveals that he was always aware that his bloodlust was from Amalthus and never truly his own; however, his beliefs were strengthened through seeing Jin's suffering. Malos activates Aion and battles the party.

During the battle, Rex reveals that Jin was only looking to connect with Malos; Malos is shocked that Rex would forgive Jin so easily, to which Rex states forgiveness is not always easy but is necessary. Rex and Pneuma eventually deal a devastating blow to Aion, which severely damages Malos' core. In his last breaths, Malos reminisces on his time on Alrest and states that he wishes he had met Rex sooner. With that, the final member of Torna disappears from Alrest.

New Game Plus

Finishing the game in version 1.3.0 or later unlocks New Game Plus. This mode allows Akhos, Patroka, Mikhail, Obrona, Sever, Cressidus and Perdido to join the party as Rare Blades. They are all awakened randomly through Blade Resonance, with the exception of Mikhail, who can be found at the base of the World Tree.


Both the Japanese and English names allude to one of the seven deadly sins, wrath, the former using the Latin word and the latter derived from the the Dutch word toorn.


  • All current members of Torna (excluding Blades) were designed by Tetsuya Nomura, a lead character designer for the Final Fantasy series. These characters appear to have outfits or elements of their outfits resembling samurai armor.


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