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Trash Talk

Trash Talk is one of many Debuff Arts in Xenoblade Chronicles X.


Class Rank Learned Type Range # of hits Tension cost Effect Secondary Cooldown Tertiary Cooldown
Shield Trooper 5 Debuff Circle around caster 1 0 Taunt; If Morale increases: Tension Up Art can be used again immediately
Level Cooldown time Debuff Tier Taunt duration Tension Up BP Cost
1 30.0 s I 10.0 s 100x Morale -
2 25.2 s I 125x Morale 4
3 22.8 s II 12.0 s 150x Morale 12
4 20.4 s II 175x Morale 36
5 18.0 s III 14.0 s 200x Morale 72
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