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Traveling Bards are NPCs and shops in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They are added in New Game Plus, which requires the Version 1.3.0 update or later. They appear at various locations throughout Alrest, and are displayed on the map as green shop icons. They can be male or female characters of any race.

Traveling Bards exchange Bonus EXP for valuable items; for example Accessory Expander Kits can be obtained from the bard in Goldmouth.

The Version 1.4.0 update added several more Traveling Bards who trade various Role CPUs for Poppi.


Traveling Bards can be found in the main towns of most nations, as well as in Spirit Crucible Elpys, the Cliffs of Morytha, the Land of Morytha and the World Tree. There are no Bards in the Indoline Praetorium or Leftherian Archipelago.

Nation Location Icon Item Bonus EXP
Argentum Lemour Inn XC2-key-item Accessory Expander Kit x1 200,000
Gormott Abble's Fountain ※1 XC2-key-item Ether Crystals x20,000 200,000
Uraya Fonsa Myma Gate ※2 XC2-core-crystal Legendary Core Crystal x1 200,000
Mor Ardain Jakolo's Inn XC2-key-item Ultimate Weaponry x1 400,000
Tantal Theosoir Main Gate ※3 XC2-key-item Overdrive Protocol x1 1,000,000
Spirit Crucible Elpys Spirit Crucible Entrance Poppi-element-core Elemental Core: Light x1 1,000,000
Cliffs of Morytha Cliffs of Morytha Inlet Poppi-role-CPU Master Ether Mod x1 500,000
Cliffs of Morytha Jubilee Gate ※4 Poppi-role-CPU Master Luck Mod x1 500,000
Land of Morytha View of a Lost Time Poppi-role-CPU Master Muscle Mod x1 500,000
Land of Morytha Megaflote Base Poppi-role-CPU Master Strike Mod x1 500,000
World Tree Skywalk ※5 Poppi-role-CPU Master Evasion Mod x1 500,000
World Tree Lv. 2, Mizar: Lower Deck Poppi-role-CPU Master Tank Mod x1 500,000
※1 Reachable by arch east of Saets Chief's Residence Salvage Point
※2 Reachable from overlooking Commercial District, north of Sprintsy Sweets
※3 Reachable by jumping down from the balcony, west of Placks Patisserie
※4 Reachable by jumping down from above the gate by going through the side path on Cape O-uru
※5 Reachable by walking east after fast traveling to Lv. 3, Alioth


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