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Drop result of a Treasure Box found in Oblivia

Treasure Boxes are objects in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are dropped by monsters after they are defeated, or they can be discovered in a few places of Mira's areas, using the Aerial Cam, the Research Probe or the related Segment Map's Topic tool. They are equivalent to the Treasure Chests in Xenoblade Chronicles.

There are three types of treasure obtainable from enemies, bronze, silver or gold drops. The Treasure Sensor augment can increase the quality of enemy treasure.

Treasure boxes come in a variety of forms, and require a certain Field-Skill to open. Earth-based containers, vehicles, and White Whale debris are opened with Mechanical skill. Native structures like insect nests, strange trees, and indigen dung require the Biological skill. Alien artifacts and wreckage are opened with the Archaeology skill.

The party can also earn from field treasure boxes: Experience Points, Battle Points, Class Points, Credits, Data Probes (primarily from Mechanical treasure boxes), Augments (primarily from Archeological treasure boxes), or Casual Wear (primarily from Biological treasure boxes). Some rare treasure boxes even have Schematics to use at the AM Terminal.

Some Squad Missions consist of searching Treasure Boxes through Mira. Members of the Reclaimers Division receive more Division Points for recovering White Whale debris, and Reclaimer support may increase the items awarded from enemy treasure boxes.

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