Treasure Deal option

Treasure Box contents can be shared with Squad members

Treasure Deal is a game mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicles X which allows Armor, Weapons, or Augments received as battle rewards to be offered to other members of the Squad. When the Treasure Boxes dropped by an enemy after a battle are opened, the player may offer one of the contents as a Treasure Deal. If there are multiple valid Treasure Deal options, a player can choose to offer one Treasure Deal and then wait a few minutes to then enter and exit the Choose Items menu. After exiting the Choose Items, menu, if enough time has elapsed, a player may treasure deal another valid item.

Treasure Deal offered

A Treasure Deal notice

Other players in the Squad, if they have the "Social Notifications" option enabled, will see a message with the name of the player offering the deal and the item being offered, and can press the Select (-) button if they are interested in that item. After a certain amount of time, one of the interested players is randomly chosen to receive the item; if only one player expressed interest, that player will receive it. Players offering Treasure Deals receive 50 or 100 BLADE Points depending on their division for each Treasure Deal offered regardless of any other player receiving it.

For each battle, a player can only choose one Weapon, Armor, or Augment to offer as a Treasure Deal. Materials and Holofigures cannot be offered as Treasure Deals. After offering an item, there is a short delay before another Treasure Deal can be offered.