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Tyrannotitan Kurodil is one of the Superbosses in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is a Unique Monster and a Ballistaur Titan; it can be found at level 130 in the Profaned Place of Temperantia. It is sealed in an ice crystal that requires level 12 "Fire Mastery" and level 8 "Focus" Field Skills to melt, and is in turn blocked by malign miasma that requires level 5 "Dark Mastery" and "Ancient Wisdom" Field Skills to unblock.


Tyrannotitan Kurodil resembles a large reptilian creature outfitted with battle armor. While mostly bipedal, it is able to walk on all fours whenever it does a ramming tackle.

This enemy can only guard attacks from the front.


Break 130% Smash 0%
Topple 0% Blowdown 60%
Launch 0% Knockback 60%


Trigger Titan's Awakening is used.
Effects Restores 3% HP each time an enemy is defeated.
Counters attacks with 10% ether damage.
Damage received from elemental weakness increased by 30%.
Element Random


Art Type Element Hits Range Damage Ratio Reaction Effect
Auto-Attack Physical - 2 One Target 150 - -
Bonecrusher Physical - 2 Behind 600 Blowdown Only uses this if an enemy is behind him.
Twinbarrel Autocannon Ether Fire 12 Ahead 650 - -
Murder Ray Debuff Dark - Front - Doom -
Ultra Annihilation Flare ※1 Ether Light 1 Circle 800 Blowdown Immune to Reactions during this Art.
Titan's Awakening Status - - Self - - The user becomes Enraged. Immune to Reactions during this Art.
Rampage Train Physical - 4 Circle 400 Launch Will Launch even if targets are not Toppled. Increases Guard Rate to 100% during this art.
Battle Alert ※2 Status - - Self - - Evade enemy attacks during this Art. Resets the aggro.

※1 "Ultra Annihilation Flare" is not used until Tyrannotitan Kurodil becomes Enraged.
※2 "Battle Alert" is used after "Rampage Train".


Name Type Rarity Rate
Tachyon Chip Core Chip Legendary (rarity 3) 9%
World Tree Drop Accessory Legendary (rarity 3) 4%
Galaxy Cube Accessory Legendary (rarity 3) 4%
Diamond Accessory Legendary (rarity 3) 4%
Rare Core Crystal Core Crystal Rare (rarity 2) 50%
Legendary Core Crystal Core Crystal Legendary (rarity 3) 10%

※ This enemy will drop all the items the first time it is defeated.


The first part of this enemy's name may be a reference to Tyrannotitan, a Genus of bipedal dinosaur.


  • Tyrannotitan Kurodil's mask visually unlocks and falls off during the enrage phase when using its "Titan's Awakening" art.
  • Excluding enemies from Challenge Battle Mode, Tyrannotitan Kurodil is the highest-leveled enemy in the entire series. However it ignores the level difference modifiers, which makes it actually weaker than other Superbosses, even though it has the highest level.
  • If Tyrannotitan Kurodil is freed from the ice crystal but not defeated before completing the storyline and starting a New Game Plus, it can be targeted and engaged in battle without being freed on subsequent playthroughs, until it is defeated. It will not aggro the party unless freed.