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Aria, the Zauberflöte, a Tyrant

Tyrants (Japanese: オーバード Ōbādo, Overeds) are enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X that have higher stats and potentially unique skills — similar to minibosses or Superbosses in other games.

Tyrants have unique names and there is only one of each of these monsters in the world. Tyrants are similar to Unique Monsters from Xenoblade Chronicles. All Tyrants have a special frame when looking at them and have special symbols with their level tag. Some tyrants may also have a unique color palette and distinguishing features such as pre-broken appendages. Some Tyrants have unique abilities, such as automatically restoring health (Buchwald, the Guardian), reflecting attributes (Go-rha, the Guardian Deity), having 100 resistance to one or more attributes (Sven, the Sturdy), or reacting to the status of another nearby Tyrant (Gesserith, the Wileworm).


The special target window frame of a Tyrant

Overed overworld

The non-target indication of a Tyrant

There are 251 Tyrants listed in the Enemy Index. 210 Tyrants have a name that consists of a first-name and a qualifier noun or expression according to the format "(First name), the (Qualifier)" such as Oskar, the Summer Squall. Ganglion-created Mechanoids have simpler titles that describe the function of the Tyrant followed by the species name, such as Air Support Galdr. Some of these Tyrants are Skells owned by Ganglion Tyrants, such as Lyla's Galdr for Lyla, the Lustrous. Nahum, the Red Hare is not listed since she usually cannot be defeated, although she summons Nardacyon, the Shadowless once her HP is reduced to 25% while under certain conditions. A level 32 Simius Tyrant known as the "Iron-fist Bruno" appeared in the early presentations of the game as a beta enemy in an early Primordia, and it retains a mention in-game as "Bruno the Iron-fisted" in dialogue with Da Zeulbe.

These individual named Tyrants are a threat to Humans. For some Missions it is required to slay them. Intending to confront and fight them demands a thorough preparation. Volkampf, the Pursuer is the only Story Exclusive and Mission Exclusive Tyrant, it is only encountered during Chapter 2.

The game servers keep track of the number of times each Tyrant has been defeated and has defeated a party. While online, the exact stats are recorded in the Enemy Index. Each Tyrant can have a bronze, silver, or gold crown before its name to show its approximate threat level, though some Tyrants have not earned a crown. These crowns are decided by the number of parties defeated. If the game starts while offline, the crowns will not be shown.

A specific track, "Uncontrollable", is associated with battles against most Tyrants, although some, such as Dadaan, the Strongest Prone and Pharsis, the Everqueen, use "CR17S19S8" to denote their exceptional ability, while Telethia, the Endbringer and Phanatos, the Netherlord use "raTEoREkiSImeAra" and "In the Forest<X→Z ver.>" respectively, themes unique to the Telethia and Yggralith.

When a Tyrant is defeated, it has a chance to drop a Holofigure depicting the variant of the Tyrant it was obtained from. These holofigures can only be found in silver drops, and cannot be found in gold or bronze drops. For multiple Tyrants with the same variation, the respective holofigure can be obtained from any of them.

List of Tyrants

This is the list of the 251 Tyrants appearing in the Enemy Index. One Tyrant, Volkampf, the Pursuer, is Chapter 2 exclusive; 58 Tyrants must be defeated in order to complete eponymous Basic Missions; 99 Tyrants must be defeated to complete respective segment recon; 5 Tyrants only appear after completing Chapter 12.

Name Species Level Region Comment
Agito, the Golden Blatta 36-40 Primordia
Ahama, the Covetous Marnuck 60 Sylvalum
Ahama's Seidr Seidr 84 Sylvalum
Albin, the Wicked Meddler Purgovent 56 Sylvalum
Ald, the Extravagant Blatta 61-65 Sylvalum
Air Support Galdr Galdr 54 Cauldros
Agnes, the Divine-Scaled Tersqual 67 Cauldros
Alexei, the Jade Monoceros 35 Sylvalum Segment Recon Tyrant
Alfombra, the Transcendent Tectinsula 14 Noctilum Basic Mission Tyrant
Alithios, the Indignant Gularth 81 Cauldros
Andrea, the Famished Hunter Caecus 51 Sylvalum
Andrei, the Cunning Caro 40 Sylvalum
Angelita, the Blade Bouquet Sacrifole 61 Cauldros Basic Mission Tyrant
Anselm, the Triumphant Sylooth 58 Sylvalum Basic Mission Tyrant
Antara, the Water Diviner Arenatect 46 Sylvalum Segment Recon Tyrant
Archibolt, the Revolutionary Terebra 11 Primordia Basic Mission Tyrant
Aria, the Zauberflöte Saltat 13 Noctilum Basic Mission Tyrant
Armed Destroyer Galdr Galdr 45 Cauldros
Armed Engineer Galdr Galdr 41 Cauldros
Armed Recon Galdr Galdr 65 Cauldros (Waters)
Armored Cruiser Seidr Seidr 61 Cauldros Segment Recon Tyrant
Asana, the Azure Star Cervus 30 Sylvalum Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Atreides, the Distinguished Sabula 74 Sylvalum
Baabara, the Evangelical Ovis 12 Primordia
Badul, the One-Eyed Milsaadi 46 Sylvalum
Badul's Seidr Seidr 61 Sylvalum
Balduino, the Wicked-Eyed Aeviter 89 Noctilum
Barnabas, the Despot Vigent 65 Oblivia Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Bartley, the Conflagration Gerrid 31 Cauldros
Behemoth, the Netherdweller Virago 60 Sylvalum Segment Recon Tyrant
Belenguer, the Gunhammer Ictus 30 Oblivia
Berserk Marnuck Marnuck 45 Cauldros
Berthold, the Blue-Eyed Aeviter 75 Sylvalum
Bertrand, the Gorge Scourge Adsecula 57 Oblivia Segment Recon Tyrant
Blaudolch, the Chalcedony Progen 20 Sylvalum
Bogdan, the Dense Suid 49 Primordia Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Bohdan, the Mistral Auravis 37 Primordia Segment Recon Tyrant
Brandys, the Spectral Light Xiphias 45 Sylvalum
Bressole, the Fugitive Saltat 55 Oblivia (Waters)
Buchwald, the Guardian Virago 77 Noctilum Segment Recon Tyrant
Caesar, the Hundred-Eyed Petramand 68 Primordia Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Calore, the Lava Walker Cinicula 62 Cauldros
Camille, the Immortal Murra 19 Sylvalum Basic Mission Tyrant
Camus, the Treasured Blatta 46-50 Cauldros
Candelario, the Bronze Petramand 47 Sylvalum Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Caranau, the Water Drake Papil 10 Primordia
Casper, the Unhealthy Eater Blatta 13 Primordia Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Celedonio, the Battle-Tested Grex 18 Oblivia Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Celestin, the Spring Storm Progen 50 Primordia Segment Recon Tyrant
Chantai, the Insect Maiden Milsaadi 38 Cauldros Segment Recon Tyrant
Chantai's Galdr Galdr 47 Cauldros Segment Recon Tyrant
Claire, the Sheltered Ovis 60 Noctilum
Clara, the Pure White Ovis 21 Sylvalum Segment Recon Tyrant
Clemente, the Iron Meteor Falsaxum 22 Noctilum Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Climati, the Chilling Wind Sylooth 30 Oblivia Segment Recon Tyrant
Coil, the Never-Ending Scintimure 55 Cauldros Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Dadaan, the Strongest Prone Prone 77 Oblivia Appearance after Chapter 12
Daemon, the Undertaker Gerrid 39 Sylvalum
Damaged Zig Zig 35 Sylvalum Segment Recon Tyrant
Daril, the Eradicator Marnuck 29 Primordia Segment Recon Tyrant
Daril's Qmoeva Qmoeva 54 Primordia
Dawid, the Destrier Monoceros 44 Cauldros
Demetrio, the Tempestuous Simius 28 Noctilum Segment Recon Tyrant
Desdemona, the Subterranean Scirpo 11 Noctilum Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Dieter, the Epicure Grex 39 Primordia Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Diogenes, the Covetous Simius 28 Oblivia
Dobromila, the Alluring Sacrifole 63 Sylvalum Basic Mission Tyrant
Drake, the Waypost Caecus 29 Noctilum
Draken, the Drifting Cloud Balaena 85 Primordia (Waters)
Du-rha, the Imprisoned Xe-dom 74 Sylvalum
Dui, the Invaluable Blatta 21-25 Oblivia
Duran, the Draconian Marnuck 38 Cauldros Segment Recon Tyrant
Duran's Galdr Galdr 40 Noctilum
Durvin, the Perceptive Sphinx 70 Primordia
Eckart, the Indestructible Cinicula 50 Primordia Segment Recon Tyrant
Eddy, the Electric Heat Scintimure 43 Cauldros Basic Mission Tyrant
Edgardo, the Carefree Thallus 18 Oblivia Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Eisen, the Ebon Rock Petramand 51 Cauldros Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Elaine, the Lunar Eclipse Ceto 55 Oblivia Segment Recon Tyrant
Elena, the Infernal Scirpo 79 Noctilum Segment Recon Tyrant
Eliane, the Unmoved Mortifole 29 Oblivia Basic Mission Tyrant
Elvira, the Talondrake Colubrim 90 Primordia
Enhanced Attack Range Zig Zig 37 Cauldros
Enhanced Attack Seidr Seidr 68 Cauldros
Enhanced Defense Seidr Seidr 59 Sylvalum
Enhanced Search Zig Zig 48 Cauldros
Enhanced Support Zig Zig 37 Cauldros
Ernest, the Contemplative Progen 36 Oblivia Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Etutanne, the Bloodthirsty Adsecula 33 Primordia Segment Recon Tyrant
Eustachio, the Eccentric Cantor 43 Sylvalum
Eutropio, the Sea Rumble Levitath 45 Primordia Segment Recon Tyrant
Experimental Compact Zig Zig 20 Cauldros Segment Recon Tyrant
Experimental Composite Qmoeva Qmoeva 59 Primordia
Experimental Flight Shrad Shrad 48 Cauldros
Experimental Second-Gen Zig Zig 58 Cauldros
Falchion, the Vibrant Cinicula 30 Noctilum
Feld, the Indigo-Clad Turba 31 Sylvalum
Ferdinand, the Fortuitous Mephite 28 Oblivia Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Feliciano, the All-Seeing Sphinx 70 Oblivia Segment Recon Tyrant
Fernando, the Immovable Millesaur 85 Noctilum
Florence, the Hell Maggot Germivore 24 Sylvalum Segment Recon Tyrant
Frajeel, the Purgatorial Levitath 50 Noctilum Segment Recon Tyrant
Frontline Medic Quo Quo 40 Cauldros
Frontline Surveillance Zig Zig 74 Sylvalum (Waters)
Froste, the Courteous Vesper 50 Noctilum Segment Recon Tyrant
Ga-uhl, the Precept-Keeper Fal-swo 50 Sylvalum
Gadaf, the Pulverizer Marnuck 30 Oblivia
Gadaf's Qmoeva Qmoeva 31 Primordia (Waters)
Gerhardt, the Lone and Proud Mephite 12 Noctilum
Germaine, the Treasure Keeper Ovis 35 Oblivia Segment Recon Tyrant
Gesserith, the Wileworm Sabula 76 Sylvalum Segment Recon Tyrant
Gi-zho, the Iron Deity Xe-dom 79 Cauldros Segment Recon Tyrant
Giraffin, the Old Hand Lepyx 41 Sylvalum
Go-rha, the Guardian Deity Xe-dom 60 Noctilum
Goliath, the Stronghold Vigent 50 Sylvalum Basic Mission Tyrant
Gotthard, the Intimidating Auravis 61 Oblivia Segment Recon Tyrant
Gradivus, the Headless Emperor Millesaur 71 Oblivia Appearance after Chapter 12
Griffus, the Tartarean Insidia 49 Noctilum Segment Recon Tyrant
Gugli, the Relentless Suid 20 Primordia Segment Recon Tyrant
Hartmut, the Calamity Millepod 91 Oblivia Segment Recon Tyrant
Hayreddin, the Territorial Simius 81 Primordia Basic Mission Tyrant
Heidi, the Lively Ovis 60 Noctilum
Hephaestus, the Absconder Duoguill 25 Primordia Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
High-Output Pugilith Pugilith 47 Sylvalum
Hiro, the Priceless Blatta 66-70 Sylvalum
Ignit, the Ultimate Chaos Coronid 88 Sylvalum Segment Recon Tyrant
Ilithios, the Enlightened Gularth 48 Cauldros Segment Recon Tyrant
Infantry Support Qmoeva Qmoeva 80 Noctilum (Waters)
Intermediate Arsenal Qmoeva Qmoeva 35 Primordia
Izgnanie, the Smoldering Lophid 64 Cauldros Basic Mission Tyrant
Jarosch, the Sensational Saltat 23 Noctilum
Ji-ett, the Thunderclap Fal-swo 72 Primordia Segment Recon Tyrant
Jia Mian, the Beloved Jacul 50 Cauldros Segment Recon Tyrant
Jindriska, the Serene Mortifole 26 Oblivia Segment Recon Tyrant
Joker, the Unknowable Blatta 90 Noctilum Segment Recon Tyrant
Katerina, the Cliffhanger Mortifole 48 Noctilum Segment Recon Tyrant
Kringe, the Hunting Arrow Caro 40 Cauldros Segment Recon Tyrant
Lambert, the Divine Wind Insidia 15 Noctilum Basic Mission Tyrant
Langul, the Alien Payload Prone 11 Primordia
Lask, the Unscrupulous Mephite 48 Sylvalum
Latis, the Bristle-Scaled Tersqual 39 Sylvalum
Laurencio, the Fog Bow Filiavent 59 Sylvalum Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Leandro, the Sneering Cantor 49 Sylvalum
Legato, the Sky Watcher Scintimure 45 Sylvalum
Leva'el, the Terminus Xern 82 Cauldros (Waters) Appearance after Chapter 12
Libra, the Long-Lived Purgovent 20 Oblivia Segment Recon Tyrant
Lockhart, the Killer of Hope Vivohast 52 Sylvalum Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Logistical Support Quo Quo 46 Primordia
Lomoth, the Beast-Eater Germivore 28 Oblivia
Luciel, the Eternal Millesaur 92 Primordia Segment Recon Tyrant
Ludvik, the Picky Eater Evello 29 Oblivia Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Lugalbanda, the Wanderer-King Chimera 88 Noctilum Appearance after Chapter 12
Luxaar's Xern Xern 90 Sylvalum Segment Recon Tyrant
Lyla, the Lustrous Milsaadi 44 Sylvalum
Lyla's Galdr Galdr 55 Sylvalum
Man'an, the Water Whisperer Arenatect 43 Sylvalum Segment Recon Tyrant
Manuelita, the Affectionate Suid 47 Noctilum
Megatonne, the Hell Express Suid 11 Primordia
Melanya, the Sound Sleeper Suid 20 Oblivia Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Mesgen, the Fairweathered Potamus 28 Primordia Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Mikulas, the Keystone Falsaxum 34 Sylvalum Basic Mission Tyrant
Muruse, the Opulent Blatta 56-60 Noctilum
Na-mulk, the Rebellious Oc-serv 47 Cauldros
Nardacyon, the Shadowless Almandal 96 Primordia Appearance after Chapter 12
Natt, the Inestimable Blatta 41-45 Cauldros
Necro, the Cavelord Vesper 69 Primordia Segment Recon Tyrant
Night Combat Puge Puge 34 Cauldros Basic Mission Tyrant
No-dhor, the Shadowcaster Fal-swo 30 Oblivia
Nu-rhor, the Dark Deity Xe-dom 65 Oblivia
Oc-serv, the Ancient Oc-serv 40 Sylvalum Segment Recon Tyrant
Olegario, the Iron-Helmed Suid 50 Noctilum
Oskar, the Summer Squall Aprica 11 Noctilum Basic Mission Tyrant
Pelicollo, the Panzer Caecus 36 Cauldros Segment Recon Tyrant
Pharsis, the Everqueen Yggralith 97 Sylvalum
Piernus, the Scorcher Petramand 57 Cauldros
Pizelle, the Purple Lightning Thallus 40 Noctilum
Planetes, the Torrential Unafulge 50 Noctilum Segment Recon Tyrant
Polaris, the Firmamental Ceto 63 Cauldros
Poppy, the Pyromaniac Visigel 36 Cauldros
Prinsipe, the Ravenous Blatta 44 Cauldros Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Prototype Puge Puge 49 Primordia
Pyotr, the Shepherd Sylooth 74 Noctilum Segment Recon Tyrant
Radovan, the Sky Baron Jacul 37 Sylvalum Segment Recon Tyrant
Raider Pugilith Pugilith 22 Oblivia
Rajidi, the Cumuliform Balaena 52 Primordia Segment Recon Tyrant
Ramus, the Supersonic Aetrygon 41 Sylvalum Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Ridill, the Arrogant Lophid 58 Primordia Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Ro-darm, the Demon Claw Oc-serv 38 Oblivia Segment Recon Tyrant
Roderick, the Fleet-Footed Evello 11 Primordia Basic Mission Tyrant
Rodriguez, the Twin-Tusked Potamus 35 Cauldros
Roimi, the Affluent Blatta 31-35 Primordia
Rolf, the Sonorous Saltat 44 Oblivia Segment Recon Tyrant
Ruth, the Shunner of Light Unafulge 42 Sylvalum
Sacrum, the Noctilucent Papil 50 Noctilum
Sadar, the Unhinged Marnuck 35 Sylvalum Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Sadar's Qmoeva Qmoeva 44 Sylvalum
Sapara, the Laconic Saltat 22 Primordia Segment Recon Tyrant
Sarcosuchus, the Iron-Eater Dilus 39 Noctilum Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Schneider, the Cliffpercher Forfex 10 Noctilum Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Sector Security Shrad Shrad 46 Cauldros
Seti, the Light of Stars Cervus 50 Noctilum
Sharnaak, the Technician Milsaadi 46 Cauldros Segment Recon Tyrant
Sharnaak's Seidr Seidr 84 Cauldros
Shatskikh, the Flash Xiphias 25 Primordia Segment Recon Tyrant
Sheldon, the Dentally Challenged Dilus 30 Oblivia
Shinhwa, the Sagacious Terebra 24 Noctilum Basic Mission Tyrant
Shuravas, the Enraged Millepod 65 Noctilum
Si-el, the Vacuous Oc-serv 19 Noctilum Basic Mission Tyrant
Silvestre, the Morning Light Levitath 48 Oblivia Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Sirene, the Lost Lepyx 13 Primordia Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Spaniel, the Obedient Caro 40 Cauldros
Squallo, the Sand Mirer Sabula 65 Oblivia Segment Recon Tyrant
Stola, the Champion Liceor 57 Sylvalum Segment Recon Tyrant
Stola, the Unchained Liceor 57 Sylvalum Basic Mission Tyrant
Support Trainee Qmoeva Qmoeva 50 Primordia
Sven, the Sturdy Forfex 59 Primordia (NLA Waters)
Sviatoslav, the Reproachful Aprica 39 Oblivia Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Telethia, the Endbringer Telethia 99 Noctilum Segment Recon Tyrant
Terenty, the Blademaster Ictus 72 Cauldros Segment Recon Tyrant
Thaddaeus, the Ultramafic Cinicula 42 Sylvalum Segment Recon Tyrant
Tico, the Precious Blatta 26-30 Oblivia
Tormenta, the Scarlet-Clad Turba 41 Noctilum Segment Recon Tyrant
Tourteau, the Delectable Forfex 08 Primordia Basic Mission Tyrant
Trueno, the Cataclysm Filiavent 60 Cauldros
Truppe, the Ceaseless Dark Petramand 53 Cauldros
Uluora, the Burgeoning Monoceros 22 Cauldros
Unlimited Output Zig Zig 43 Cauldros
Urdu's Qmoeva Qmoeva 55 Cauldros
Vainamo, the Bellower Vigent 39 Cauldros Basic Mission Tyrant
Valeriano, the Rolling Thunder Duoguill 26 Oblivia Segment Recon Tyrant
Valyrian, the Iron Cleaver Ictus 48 Oblivia
Vegetal, the Heatcrux Sacrifole 49 Cauldros
Vendura, the Spellbinder Prone 20 Oblivia Segment Recon Tyrant
Vendura's Galdr Galdr 50 Oblivia
Vilem, the Gold-Scaled Aetrygon 45 Oblivia Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Vittorio, the Battle-Scarred Tectinsula 28 Oblivia Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Volkampf, the Pursuer Cinicula 05 Primordia Appearance only during Chapter 2
Vorpall, the Sickle-Fanged Blatta 54 Sylvalum
Vortice, the Deific Blast Colubrim 94 Cauldros Basic Mission Tyrant
Wenzel, the Inebriated Saltat 70 Oblivia
WR512: Urdu Definian 62 Cauldros
Xair, the Cerulean Walker Coronid 75 Sylvalum (Waters)
Ya-rhat, the Thundercloud Fal-swo 49 Cauldros Basic Mission Tyrant
Yama, the Obliviator Sylooth 33 Noctilum
Yelena, the Sequestered Scirpo 34 Primordia
Yessenia, the Husky-Voiced Mortifole 23 Noctilum Basic Mission Tyrant
Yuiro, the Luxuriant Blatta 51-55 Noctilum
Yune, the Ambusher Visigel 20 Sylvalum Basic Mission Tyrant;
Segment Recon Tyrant
Zdenka, the Raucous Saltat 60 Primordia Segment Recon Tyrant
Zohan, the Thunderbolt Scintimure 64 Sylvalum
Zorn, the Wanderer Saltat 56 Cauldros

Other Tyrants

This is the list of the Tyrants which do not appear in the Enemy Index or are beta enemies.

Name Species Level Region Comment
Iron-fist Bruno Simius 32 Primordia Beta Enemy
Nahum, the Red Hare Milsaadi 66 Primordia Once her HP is reduced to 5-10%, she summons the Almandal Nardacyon, the Shadowless.
Phanatos, the Netherlord Yggralith 53-56 Sylvalum Fought only during the squad mission The Awakening.



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