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Ultimate Shield is an Aux Core or a Skill RAM / Upgrade in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It grants the user a 50% chance to completely nullify attacks when blocking an attack, preventing damage and negative statuses from being inflicted.

The Skill RAM/Upgrade variants can be used to customize Poppi α, Poppi QT and Poppi QTπ as an Aux Core equivalent.


Aux Core
Aux Core Rarity Effect Sell Price
Unrefined Refined
Ultimate Shield Rarity3.png On Block, gives 50% chance to completely deflect enemy attack. 2,100 G 3,150 G

Skill RAM
Skill RAM Effect Energy
Ether Crystals Technical Manual
Create Crystallize
Ultimate Shield On Block, gives 50% chance to completely deflect enemy attack. 200 5,760 1,440 Hypertech Made Easy

Refinement Recipes

Aux Core Requirement Materials Amount
Ultimate Shield Specific Welcome Cactus x2
Killi-Killi Killifish x1
Secret Turf x1
Gravity Rock x1
Vortex Panel x1


Xenoblade Chronicles 2

In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the Aux Core is always obtained in its unrefined state, and must be refined within an Ether Furnace at an Aux Core Stall before becoming usable.

Treasure Troves

Quest Rewards

Dropped by

Name Spawn Area Level Rate
Antecedent Xiaxia Unique Empire of Mor Ardain 99 6.0%
Gerolf Sovereign Summon World Tree 100 6.0%
Grandum Sovereign Normal World Tree 97 - 99 6.0%
Valta Sovereign Normal World Tree 97 - 99 6.0%

Challenge Battle Mode (DLC)

Challenge Name Difficulty Chest 1 Chest 2 Chest 3
9th Imp. Armored Div. CR5.png --- --- 0.41%
Chickenheart Challenge CR3.png --- --- 1.42%
Cloud King's Revenge CR4.png --- --- 0.23%
Dino Drama CR3.5.png --- --- 0.60%
Fiercest Faction CR4.png --- --- 0.23%
Humanoid Alliance CR4.png --- --- 0.23%
Mk. VIII CR4.5.png --- --- 1.42%
Reinventing the Gogol CR4.png --- --- 0.41%

Skill RAM / Upgrade


The Skill RAM or Upgrade variant can be crafted through Poppiswap's "Create/Crystallize" menu using Ether Crystals obtained from Tiger! Tiger! or from crystallizing other Poppi Parts. Create costs and required Technical Manuals are present in the Stats section.

Tiger! Tiger!

Skill RAM Stage Treasure
Treasure Rate (per Trove)
Chapter 2 – 7 Chapter 8+
Ultimate Shield Stage 2 Large --- 1.00%