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~~ Away a little while over summer. @ me on discord if you need anything! ~~

Hello! I'm one of the five admins here and generally keep an eye on comments, image management (deletion / categorising), and day-to-day edits made. I mostly enjoy adding images to articles and writing "Story" sections. I have a full-time job not related to the wiki so often do not have time to do as much hands-on editing as I'd like.

I have no formal coding knowledge, but do not mind adding code if necessary on admin-only access pages when other admins are not available.

I have access to XC1:DE, XC2 and TTGC, so can verify things through gameplay. Currently have access to XC1 / XCX too.

Wiki To-Do list

Helpful links -

  • The JCE (database for original XC1 enemy drops - now defunct due to direct datamines)
  • UnnamedBonus' Translation notes on the JCE

Ongoing discussions

Other Admins

(Please note that not all admins are active all the time)

Welcome message (no longer automated)

" Hello, and welcome to the Xenoblade Wiki! Thanks for your edit. Hopefully, you will continue to aid us in becoming the most comprehensive wiki we can be for the Xenoblade Chronicles series.

Because the first Xenoblade game was rated PEGI 12, we ask that as you add content and comments to wiki pages or your profile, you keep the content appropriate for 12 year-olds.

If you need help with anything or have any questions please reply to this message, ask one of our friendly active editors, or post to the forums. We also encourage you to have a look at our FAQ and Code of Conduct. "