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Ciao pals I am here for screenshots & images & maaaybe some location page'ing. At uni most of the time so often not about. Can't believe that Gaelic Scotland is the military powerhouse of Xenoblade 2.

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Currently working on

  • Species pages
  • Catch last few Auresco location images
  • Upload XCX weapon images
  • Delete/ rename poorly titled image files, eg "XX20180505PZYWNDSD.jpg"
  • Location page enemy lists
  • TTGC community pages

Things that need done

  • Images for enemy pages in XC2
  • Stats on TTGC + XC2 enemy pages (BlazingDiancie and XenoKT often work on this)
  • Once enemy drop tables are complete, list sources on item pages using What Links Here

I have access to XC2 and TTGC, so can verify things from there through gameplay.

Other Admins

(Please note that not all admins are active all the time)


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