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Hello, I'm Flanqer (with a Q). I've been active on this wiki since 2014, and was promoted to admin a year later.

I'm now also the Fandom Gaming Wiki Manager assigned to this wiki. It doesn't mean I outrank the other admins here; it just means I'm available to answer questions about things like editing, templates, etc., or to help figure out why something doesn't work, and I'm a liaison to full-time Fandom staff.

If you have any questions related to the wiki — editing, styling, infoboxes, templates, bots, etc. — feel free to contact me on my message wall.

Pages in my user space

Data Extracted from the JCE

The following pages contain Xenoblade Chronicles data extracted from the JCE, reformatted to this wiki's style. The intention is that the wikitext code can be copied and pasted into the appropriate pages so people don't have to retype (and possibly mistype) the data.

To Do

(in no particular order)

  • Template for XC1 Art level-up data
  • Continue to learn Lua scripting
  • Look into Wikia Maps; maybe we can use it to mark locations of enemies, NPCs, etc.
  • Better XC1 weapon images

Infoboxes and Templates for XCX:

  • Collectibles - DONE
  • Enemies - DONE
  • FN Sites - DONE
  • NPCs - DONE
  • Playable Characters and Major Characters - DONE
  • Equipment
    • Ground Weapons
    • Ground Gear
    • Skell Weapons
    • Skell Gear
    • Skell Frames
  • Locations
  • Missions
    • Basic (Gathering, Social, Bounty) - DONE
    • Normal - DONE
    • Affinity - DONE
    • Story - DONE
    • Squad Tasks - DONE
    • Squad (Nemesis, other) - DONE
    • Timed - DONE
    • Support - DONE
    • Templates for consistent formatting of Objectives and Results?
      • show/hide button, content hidden by default.
      • Allow for multiple routes
  • Heart-to-Hearts
    • Infobox - DONE
    • Dialogue and Prompts
      • allow for nested & serial routes, many choices per prompt
      • allow for empty branches and prompts that don't affect the dialogue.
  • Alternate CSS for Smartphones etc

Useful info

  • To link to an old version of a page: type the link as [[Special:PermanentLink/123456|link text]], where 123456 is the "oldid" number of the old revision.

Miscellaneous links

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Portable Infoboxes

Lua programming resources

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