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Hello. I have plenty of free time, so I'm willing to help out. Send me a message on my wall if you need anything or would like to discuss an edit.

Knowledgeable on the full scope of game mechanics across both XC1/XC2, even the obscure ones. I have experience navigating the datamines and ripping assets. Certified lore and world building nerd.

Tasks I'm Interested In

  • Finding and properly categorizing Unused Content for XC2.
  • Tiger! Tiger! stage and drop table details. Adding (sprite) images for better presentation.
  • Challenge Mode page, explain Blade Restrictions.
  • XC2 Weapon class pages, complete with weapon stats.
  • XC2 Game Mechanic Pages
    • XC2 Damage.
    • Improve XC2 Salvaging.
    • Improve XC2 Reactions.
  • XC2 Treasure page
  • Want to make Special arts damage ratios and types easily available, given that they are missing from the ingame menus and spreadsheets are spoiler-y to share to newcomers.
  • Develop script for speedy enemy page completion.
  • Help out on miscellaneous pages/stubs.

Completed Tasks

  • Completing lists and details on Poppiswap.
  • XC2 Accessory individual page completion.
    • Effect descriptions.
    • Mobile friendly effect tables.
    • Source table filling, when applicable.
  • XC2 Poppi Part/Aux Core individual page completion.
    • Effect descriptions.
    • Unrefined Aux Core Recipes.
    • Per rank and refinement pricing changes.
    • Create/Crystallize costs/gains. Manual requirements.
    • Source table filling, when applicable.
  • XC2 Core Chip searchability and stat distribution. See XC1 Weapon page for example of desired outcome.
  • XC2 Game Mechanic Pages
    • XC2 Combat Affinity page in-depth expansion. See XC1 Tension page for example of desired outcome.
    • XC2 Recharge.
    • XC2 Blade and Vanguard Switching.
    • XC2 Statuses.
    • XC2 Party Gauge.
    • XC2 Trust.
    • XC2 Collection Point.
  • Want to make personality stat information for Blades easily available. Each Blade has a unique starting Base Affinity value, on top of unique affinity gain/reduction multipliers that match their character.
  • Add missing Merc Mission information from datamine. Many are incorrect or missing.

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