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Hey. I have plenty of free time, so I'm willing to help out. Send me a message on my wall if you need anything or would like to discuss an edit.

I'm pretty confident about my knowledge on the full scope of game mechanics across both XC1/XC2, even the obscure ones. I have experience navigating the datamines and ripping assets.

Also, I'm a huge lore nerd. I hunger for and compile random world building trivia from obscure NPCs for fun. Not sure if that's a worthwhile, commendable or useful quality, but it's part of my feature set. I'm down to discuss anything from these lovely games.

Tasks I'm Interested In

  • Completing lists and details on Poppiswap.
  • Finding and properly categorizing Unused Content for XC2.
  • Tiger! Tiger! stage and drop table details. Adding (sprite) images for better presentation.
  • Challenge Mode page, explain Blade Restrictions.
  • XC2 Accessory individual page completion.
    • Effect descriptions.
    • Mobile friendly effect tables.
    • Source table filling, when applicable.
  • XC2 Poppi Part/Aux Core individual page completion.
    • Effect descriptions.
    • Unrefined Aux Core Recipes.
    • Per rank and refinement pricing changes.
    • Create/Crystallize costs/gains. Manual requirements.
    • Source table filling, when applicable.
  • XC2 Core Chip searchability and stat distribution. See XC1 Weapon page for example of desired outcome.
  • XC2 Weapon class pages, complete with weapon stats.
  • XC2 Game Mechanic Pages
    • XC2 Combat Affinity page in-depth expansion. See XC1 Tension page for example of desired outcome.
    • XC2 Recharge.
    • XC2 Blade and Vanguard Switching.
    • XC2 Damage.
    • XC2 Statuses
  • Want to make personality stat information for Blades easily available. Each Blade has a unique starting Base Affinity value, on top of unique affinity gain/reduction multipliers that match their character.
  • Want to make Special arts damage ratios and types easily available, given that they are missing from the ingame menus and spreadsheets are spoiler-y to share to newcomers.
  • Add missing Merc Mission information from datamine. Many are incorrect or missing.
  • Help out on miscellaneous pages/stubs.

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