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Lora and Jin
Haze and Jin

I have been a long-time user of Wikia for some time (several years now). I mostly edited a wikia/famdom for Ren Queenston (the Lapfox trax wikia) an artist with a very very very extensive back-catalog of music and artistic projects. The wikia there dried up with a lack of info for most people to put up there and most left, including myself. I set my sights on a new wikia I could call home and I now live here in the xenoblade wikia.

I am the guy responsible for most of the XC2 quests looking the way they do and I also exclusively listed every TTGC quest. I also like improving the functionality of the site as best I can. As in I like making lists so as to get people to what they want easier.

Given my schedule with graduate school, I am likely to come and go but will try to come back and find things to do as much as I can.

To do list:

  • Organize lists of quests by earliest to receive and in-game order.
  • Make master quest list for XC2 and maybe XCX and XC1.
  • Make master blade quest list.
  • Add all monsters to Species and location pages.
  • Add any monsters from TTGC still not on the wikia.
  • Add missing info for some monsters like summoning and maybe stats if I can figure that out.
  • Start making a list of all enemies not found in-game and put them in an article somewhere.
  • Add TTGC categories to existing XC2 articles.
  • Make a list of pages that should be deleted or moved around and present it to admin(s).
  • Add pictures to any monsters or NPCs still missing pics.
  • Add missing NPCs to Nations and location pages.
  • And probably a bunch more I could write here but I'll leave it at that for now.
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